See How Easily You Can Irritate Others While Living Your Divine Purpose!

Living your purpose can irritate others

My purpose is to empower others!

When I realized that coaching is one way that I live my purpose, I started coaching everyone who would be coached. I gifted people with pro-bono sessions every working day. I coached on the phone and walking down the street. I sat at tables in restaurants with other people in the hopes of coaching someone. I coached homeless people in the park!

I even coached Michelle before we started working together. Can you believe that? I met her in a parking lot and wham! Instant client. Maybe she’ll write a post about her experience of being empowered by me (hint hint).

I made one serious mistake!

I coached my partner, my sweetie. In the beginning it was fun, but after a while I started hearing things like, “Okay, Coach!” and, “Where’s my girlfriend?” You get the picture? 2 O’clock in the morning if he wanted to talk, I coached. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson…..

This, I found out became an irritation instead of a joy. Well, I had to look underneath what was happening. Going back to my purpose, which is to empower, I found that coaching someone without asking permission was dis-empowering. Woah! Not me! I am here to empower. To be doing the exact opposite was an eye opener.

So, I told him to get his own coach!

Whew! What a relief! But it became clear to me that my intention to empower was getting lost in the relationship. It doesn’t work. I thought I was living my purpose, but I was just irritating him. Now, he has his own coach and we can talk about the concepts of coaching in a much more empowering way–for both of us. Interestingly enough, I feel more empowered by him having his own coach. And, I think he enjoys me more and appreciates what I do in a deeper way. I haven’t been hearing any of the little comment any more either.

What made me aware of irritating others while living their Divine Purpose?

One morning I was sitting on my back patio, writing, and I heard organ music! Okay, I have nothing against organ music, but it was 7:30 in the morning–on a Monday! (If organ music is your thing please forgive me.) I thought I was non-judgmental, but I thought, “No one should be allowed to play organ music before 10am or after noon on Sunday.” I even thought that we should get a law passed. I feel so ashamed. Because, I thought what if there were laws passed that said I couldn’t coach someone in a restaurant? I would die!

3 keys to living your purpose without irritating others!

  1. Don’t force your purpose onto others. Some people don’t want to listen to organ music, just as some people don’t want to be empowered to live their best lives. In my situation it is appropriate to ask permission to coach someone.  NOTICE: if you are on this site, or come on to one of my calls, it is implied that you want to be empowered and I do that through coaching. I assume you WANT to be coached. (And I am going to do more of that, so beware! and if you join our membership site, mega doses of structure and accountability are yours!) There is not much joy for me to empower you and then say to you, “Ha! Now you’re empowered!” I want you to see it coming.
  2. Live your purpose in all of your life. Living your purpose does not mean that you leave it at the office, or that you live it only outside of your work. When I exclaim to the world that my purpose is “to empower” I need to keep that in my awareness always. How do I empower my daughter to take responsibility for her own life? Even at 10? How do I empower myself to go for my dreams? I also need to be on the lookout for ways that I am living the opposite, like coaching someone who doesn’t want to be coached by me. One way to stay on track is to be willing to be wrong and be honest with yourself, even if it hurts.
  3. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from living your purpose. I realized that whoever was playing the organ needed to. The desire must be strong for him or her to play that early in the morning with no regard to people who don’t have to get up and go somewhere else to work. This person is committed to their purpose and that’s what it takes to be happy. Our commitment to allowing the Divine to flow through us. One of my gifts from the Divine is that I an a terrific listener. I can spot the places where you are not living up to your potential or where you are out of integrity with yourself and I say it. I don’t judge it as wrong or bad, I just say it. This is my gift and I use that gift in my coaching relationships. I am not going to let fear stop me. I am not going to let projection stop me. I am committed to using my gifts to empower people to move into their greatness. I am changing the world and it starts with your inner world. Just like the organ music. I hope nothing I say will stop this organ player from playing. (Disclaimer: if I find out it’s a CD, I take everything back!)

What support do you need in sharing your spiritual gifts?

One of my agenda’s is that you share your gifts. Powerfully! Where are you playing small? Where do you need to step into a higher expression of yourself? What obstacles stand between you and your living your purpose? What are your successes? What support do you need to be 100% committed to sharing that spark of desire in your heart? That spark is from the Divine. You wouldn’t have the desire inside of you if you didn’t have the ability to express it in this lifetime.

Do you know your purpose?

We are here to support you in unveiling, unleashing, and manifesting your purpose. And there is a ton of support out there. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. If you don’t know your purpose, we have a workshop coming up in October to support you in unveiling your purpose. Send me an e-mail and get on our workshop list.
  2. Hire a coach. It doesn’t have to be me, but a coach will support you in finding your purpose and manifesting it into the world.
  3. I came across a great website. Check out Tim Kelley. I signed up for his e-zine. He has techniques for finding your purpose. I don’t care who you hire, or what support you get, but gift yourself with the support. You deserve it!
  4. If you are ready for the accountability and the community in living your purpose and sharing your spiritual gifts, then sign up for our membership site. We will be launching the site late August. If you send me an e-mail, I will give you a free month on the site as a gift.

I have a cool idea… Wanna be coached? I will even do it right here through our comments. Just know that everyone will see what we say. If you prefer a private session, I have some complimentary spots on my calendar, although you might have to wait a few weeks out. e-mail me.

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