See How Easily You Can Gain The Respect of Your Money

Are You in a Respectful Relationship?

This month Michelle and I are all about money!

Are you? Or do you have some kind of judgment in place that says if money is important to you, then there must be something wrong with you.

Do you secretly desire more money, but are afraid to say it out loud because that would mean you were (fill in the blank).

I have been toying with this idea of money being an entity.

Like a person!

Let’s imagine for a moment that your money were a person. Bring to mind your current relationship with your money. Really take a look at the details. Breathe into the truth of how you treat this important relationship.

How do you treat this entity?

Are you realizing that you aren’t treating your money with much respect? Are you thinking, “It’s no wonder my money isn’t treating me with respect.” If your money really were a person, is there any wonder why it doesn’t want to hang out with you? Wouldn’t you go find someone else to hang out with if you were treated the way you are treating your money? Let’s get real here. If you want respect from your money, you are going to need to change the relationship as it exists right now.

Maybe your money and you need to go to counseling. Before you divorce your money friend or go out and have an affair with someone else’s money, how about if you decide to take 100% responsibility for your part of the relationship.

Maybe you could empathize with how your money might feel. Yea, step into your money’s shoes. How does your money feel? Hated? Neglected? Underprivileged? Angry?

Do you feel the same way toward your money as you imagine it might feel toward you? There is a way to forgive and move on, but it can only come from you taking responsibility for this relationship.

How might your money feel if you decided to choose between your money and your spirituality? Or your money and your family? or your money and your passionate life? I think your money wants you to have both. I think your money would be really excited to support you in all your endeavors. I think your money wants to feel important and useful and have a reason to be in your life.

I also think that if there is no reason for your money to be in your life, it won’t be. If your money feels as if it is uncared for or hated, it will go somewhere it is wanted. Your money wants to feel useful. Your money wants to change the world. How much money would it take for you to live your Divine Purpose easily and effortlessly?

One thing I know for sure. For sure! When you are living your Divine Purpose, you are changing the world. How much money do you need to change the world? Don’t you think that your money wants to be a part of that?

Re-commit. Renew your vows! Of if you were just co-habitating, make some vows. What vows could you make with your money that would empower your money to say “YES” to your Divine Purpose? Honor and Respect might be a part of your vows. Maybe a little commitment to ‘pay attention’ could be included. Whatever it takes to invite money back into your life–do it!

When your money knows that you care and are willing to make the sacrifices for it that it wants to make for you, money will flow into your life. Why? Because your money wouldn’t want to be with anyone else?

With all of this said, remember that money is a free soul and must have the freedom to spread itself around and feel like it is contributing in many areas. You can’t keep it couped up or it will get bored and want to go somewhere else more exciting. So give your money all the opportunities it can handle to see the world.

If this way of looking at your money has shifted any perspectives for you, please share them.

What is your relationship with your money? One-sided relationships don’t work!

What can you do to create a mutually satisfying relationship with your money?

How can you take 100% responsibility for your relationship with your money and create all that you want to with it? Together.

This post and thought process was inspired by Slade over on Shift Your Spirits and his terrific post – If Money Were a Person, Who Would Money Be?

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