The Secret to Fearless Living

I’ve lived mostly from fear…

I’ve been afraid of the dark…  I’ve been afraid of … get this… the light.  Yes, and everything in between.  I’ve been afraid of what people might think and of what they might say!  I’ve been afraid of leaving… and of being asked to leave.  I’ve been afraid of myself and that maybe I don’t have what it takes.  I’ve been afraid of dying and I’ve been afraid of living….  shall I go on or is it getting old for you too?

Did you know that it takes more energy to live from fear than it does to live fearlessly?  At some point, we just need to decide where we want to focus our energy.  Fearless living is a lot more enjoyable too…  I can vouch for that!  Where does the fear come from?  From our minds.  We think, therefore we fear.  I’m not saying thinking is bad, but we need to start in our heart!

I’ve been thinking about Fearless Living…  alot.  I’ve been thinking about the shifts my clients make from living in fear to Fearless Living and I’ve noticed something…

  • When we learn the sound of our own hearts, we move out of fear.

We need to stop long enough to recognize the voice of our own heart, and when we hear it…magic happens!  We start to make decisions that are filled with life.  We start to make decisions that take us toward our most wonderful life.  We find ourselves making decisions that open us up to a higher expression of ourselves.  We start to live with more purpose and passion…  We share our spiritual gifts freely.

It’s worth investing the time to listen to our hearts.

My friend and colleague, Peter Schroeder, and I wrote a course, called “Lose Your Mind, Find Your Heart ©.”  We’ve been teaching  this course for over a year now with profound results in peoples lives.  Losing your mind, frees you up to living a fearless life so when Guy Finley contacted Michelle and I to donate a gift to the sale of his book, I knew right away that my Lose Your Mind course was a perfect match.

If you don’t know Guy Finley, you need to.  He’s written a book called, “The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.” I’m planning on using this book as a reference and teaching tool in a workshop I have planned for the spring.  Michelle and I think you will enjoy this book as well, so if you buy Guy’s book, “The Essential Laws of Fearless Living” here, I will gift you with the first class for free.

Many of my colleagues are offering their generous gifts as well.  Marianne Williamson and Joe Vitale are just two of the over 100 authors and leaders who are supporting Guy in the sale of his book.  You will get all these gifts just through purchasing Guy’s book from our site.

I haven’t read Guy’s book yet, but I’m looking forward to it!  Because Guy is a respected author and teacher, I feel confident in sharing this offer with you… This offer will only be available for one week, so if you are interested–check it out today!

Oh, and if you do purchase Guy’s book, let’s talk about it after we both read it!

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