What Everybody Ought to Know About Being Ruthless

The Sword of RuthlessnessA ruthless person:

  • is cold-hearted (or doesn’t have a heart)
  • is out for him or herself
  • doesn’t care about anyone

I hear myself screaming inside, “I’m NOT THAT!”

None of my friends would consider me ruthless. If someone called me ruthless I would cry, die, hide… Killers are ruthless. I just found out that my business partner is ruthless!

Ruthless is my biggest shame. The universe is providing me an intense opportunity for healing. It is painful. I want to hide under a rock. And at the same time, I am so grateful. Thank you, GOD! I am grateful that I can see the possibility in my willingness to look at the gifts that ruthless has to offer.

The shadow work that Debbie Ford teaches reminds me that there is a gift that ruthless has for me. I don’t know what it is yet, but source is compelling me to look, to remain open and willing to the possibility. I am starting to notice how I show up in the world when I push away ruthless. It’s not pretty! I roll over. I play dead. I give myself away. I minimize my contribution, my ability, and my connection to the Divine. Source has come through me for the greater good of the planet and I am willing to drop the ball. (I am also a coward.)

I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Ruthless is my darkest shadow…

I’m sharing my process with you to empower you to look at your own shadows. What is it that you don’t want to be? What is it that you push away? How could embracing that part of you empower you to live a more authentic life? How could the Divine come through you even more strongly? These are the questions I am asking myself.

What is the shadow you are ready to embrace? My next evolution is to embrace ruthless. My ego screams at me, “What possible good could come from that?”

What if being ruthless was about not giving up? What if ruthless means that my heart is so big that I will lay down my life for the greater good of our planet? What if it means that I am here to protect the weak and vulnerable? What if it means that when I embrace ruthless, I will demand that we collectively take responsibility for the condition of our planet? For each other? What if being ruthless means that nothing could waver my commitment to being used by source to empower, connect, and serve the collective? What if my being ruthless ends abuse? Then I would have to ask myself:

Who am I not to be ruthless?

Please share your comments and the gifts that you have found in your shadow. Just don’t call me ruthless, I am not quite ready for that yet.

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