Rosanna Ienco Awakens Your Divine Soul–Today only receive $9711 in Bonus Gifts

We were once again invited to participate in the sale of a book.  Michelle and I take turns reading the books that are presented to us, and Michelle read Rosanna Ienco’s  Awakening to your Divine Soul: Finding Your Divine Purpose. She says it will appeal to you if you are interested in Shaminism, Totem Animals, Messages from Spirit, Symbolism, or Ritual.  This book is Rosanna’s personal journey of finding Life Purpose and her soul mate.

We’re giving our gift, Lose Your Mind, Find Your Heart, along side Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Jack Canfield, and Lisa Nichols.  I’ve only checked out Bob’s gift so far and I highly  recommend anything Bob does.  So, if you’re interested in the topics of the book, it’s a win-win and even if you aren’t interested in Shamanism,  Bob Proctors’ gift is worth the price of admission 10 times over.  I guarantee that!

You’ll only have today to purchase Awaking to Your Divine Soul and receive all the transformational gifts, so at least check it out.   There are e$9711 in free bonus gifts.  And, if it’s not a match for you, please know that we’ll share other opportunities with you when they arise.

Awakening the Divine Soul

It’s our intention to share a wide range of transformational work and information with you.  We only recommend products and resources that have the potential of unveiling, unleashing, and manifesting your Divine Purpose.  This is the reason we say up front what Rosanna’s book is about… It will either be a match or a pass.  And at least check out the gifts given for purchasing Rosanna’s book, because one of those gifts might be the key to your personal puzzle.

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