Sharing What I Have

On this page are recordings of calls, upcoming events, and my recommendations for service providers.  I have personal knowledge of everyone I recommend here, because I have either used them myself or worked with them in some capacity.  If there is a resource you’re looking for, please let me know because I have a wide network.


Our community calls are virtual gatherings to discuss specific topics, share resources, and remember that we’re not alone in our humanity.  While most of these calls are discussions, on occasion I will have guest speakers who are experts in their field, I will introduce how to work with me, and if you’re lucky you may receive some expert coaching from me.  We live in an inter-dependent world and so what you share can change peoples lives.  I record the calls, but I don’t want you to feel inhibited, so if you share something that feels too intimate, then just let me know and I won’t post the call for others to listen to.  Your sense of safety is my priority.




September 4, 2012 – Back to School, Back to ME!


Start with taking your life purpose assessment.


Healing Your Heart – Spiritual Divorce – coaching with Leila Reyes

Family Law Attorney – Christina Sherman

Divorce Mediator


Coaching with Leila Reyes

BUSINESS – Life Purpose and Work!

WORK-LIFE BALANCE – Having a balanced work life is a key ingredient to staying healthy and creating a fulfilling life.  It may not be easy to create when you have so many demands on your time, but it is necessary so you don’t end up with a stress related illness.  More often than not, people don’t take action until a crash.  It’s much, much easier to be in the drivers seat and make the changes you need to, instead of being forced to stop.  I can help you evaluate your priorities, implement a plan to bring your work-life into balance, and reinvent your life in a way that lights you up.

COMMUNITY RESOURCE –  TIME FOR BUSINESS Community call recording coming soon!
I love sharing this resource, because it’s helped me take control of my time and has had a huge impact on my business.  Here’s a little about Susan, owner of Inside Out Business Systems:

Susan Tollefson is a business consultant and time management expert. She specializes in teaching goal-setting and time management programs to business owners and busy professionals to help them increase their productivity and profitability.

For more than 20 years, Susan was part of the corporate workforce where she held various leadership roles. In 2004, Susan decided to bring the skills she gained through her corporate success to help small and independent businesses. Her experience and knowledge make her uniquely qualified to provide her clients with consistent results.