Re-Awakening to Your Consciousness -Podcast

I interviewed an ex-prison guard on the Live Your Purpose radio show. Gary Kalipolitesis now spreading a message of love and light and is purpose is to awaken humanity to a new consciousness.
Gary says about his message:

I have dedicated my life to evolving into a “Higher(Soul)Conscious” Being, and assisting others as I go.. This “push” that I and others are now feeling has an urgency to it because it seems our “Higher Consciousness,” which has remained dormant for eons due to the Fearbased(ego)promoted program , is now “Re-Awakening” so as to once again lead Man/woman to it’s birthright of being truly(not falsely)free! I am a Psychic/Channel/Medium who has received insights from my Guides who are aiding Humanity in this Transformation. I have made myself available to speak publicly on this information, as well as providing individual readings. I have a website interested parties can visit if this resonates to them, and I am in the process of writing a book on my personal evolutionary process also..
So many are Awakening now!

Many can’t understand what’s happening to them—why the(physical) reality and its teachings no longer make sense(feel true) to them. Fortunately many have been ”called” to assist those who seek this understanding so as to make this transition possible…Not all will “get it” as I have been told, and that will remain their choice.. My time is not wasted on trying to convert or convince anyone, for that would be a waste of my time and energy.. I only feel an overwhelming duty to continue in my Higher Conscious Evolution, and to assist any way I can to those on a similar Path..

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