What I Learned As a Radio Show Host

I had so much fun this morning with the Divine Purpose Fairy Godmother

Every week Michelle hosts Live Your Purpose Radio Show on Blogtalk.  Every week I freak out because I don’t think my purpose is to be on the radio.  I sweat and I worry that she will ask me to be on the show.  This time it was different!  Since it is Halloween, I could allow for the actress part of me to emerge and I could actually pretend to be a radio show host.

It was a completely different energy for me and this is very valuable information.

One way we might limit ourselves is when we think we can’t do something.  Now, I know I’m not radio show host material.  I know it.  And to think about coming on the radio show as a guest or a co-host scares the crap out of me.  I do it, but I have other redeeming qualities.  When Michelle suggested that we do this radio show for Halloween, I got so jazzed!  It became fun and I lost all feelings of anxiety and knew that I didn’t have to be professional or perfect or even good at it.  I could just play.

I discovered something!

I learned that maybe I could be a radio show host and that all I need to do is change the venue.  When you are sure of your purpose, but come up against obstacles, you might want to look at other ways of expressing yourself.  Activities are containers for the expression of our purpose.  Part of my purpose is to play and have fun.  Because I didn’t believe I could play and have fun on the radio, I thought that radio show host was out of the picture.  Guess what?  I can play and have fun on the radio.

Read between the lines

I want you to take what I am sharing with you today and overlay it onto activities you engage in.  What activities do you find boring?  or stressful? or draining?  Yesterday I would have advised you to just stop doing the activities, but today I’m going to suggest that you look at your activities from different perspectives.  Can you reframe your current activities in a way that your purpose can emerge and be felt by you?  Can you shift your perspective in a way that empowers you to participate in the activities you must engage in?  Try it out and let me know…  What is one activity that you do that it would benefit you to try on a new perspective?  How does this activity help you bring purpose to your everyday life?  The mundane?  or even the activities you are excited about, but don’t think there is any purpose to them?

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