Pam Ragland Thought Shifting

Live Your Purpose Radio and she shared her techniques for moving people away from ingrained negative patterning.
Listen above to the 30 minute podcast!  (If you like listening, head over to Live Your Purpose Radio and mark it as a favorite, and to get notifications of other upcoming shows)

Here’s a bit more information about Pam from her site:

Have you ever wondered why successful people seem to have a magic wand?  They know & live their purpose? They know the Law of Attraction and they effortlessly use it?  Do you want to know how to have your own magic wand…and use it successfully and easily? What if you could Have Anythingyou choose…effortlessly?

IMAGINE what it would be like to make as much money as you want, doing work you love, working the hours you want, in the place of your choice, have the relationships of your dreams, spend your leisure time doing what you love, AND help your kids unleash their highest potential.  If you want all this, we can help you do it!

Welcome to Aiming Higher Quantum Success Company, the top resource for personal transformation. We help people eliminate past baggage in a flash.. so they can live the life they were meant to live.   Be the Masterpiece you were meant to be.

More about Pam  and her work, please visit her website at Pam Ragland

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