Now You Too Can Meet Your Favorite Blogger!

Michelle’s obsessed!

Now you too can meet your favorite blogger!

But why?

Michelle told me that she was going to a Conference for Bloggers. I said, “Tell me your kidding. Please!”

What is a blogger anyway?

Blogger is not in my copy of the dictionary, so I have to go on experience here. And let me tell you, once you see the pattern you can spot them anywhere. Here is my definition of a blogger (if you find out you are one…don’t blame me! Take 100% responsibility for your situation and do something about it):

A blogger is someone who writes all the time on the computer. With no regards to the laundry piling up or the dishes that need to be done. Or that there is a life outside of a 16″ window.

A blogger is someone who gets the majority of their needed interactions through writing on other peoples blogs, responding to people who write on their blog, or talking to people that don’t know anything about blogging. I’ve noticed that for some people one blog is not enough.

A blogger is someone who carries their computer with them anywhere there is a possibility of internet access. They usually have an extra battery in case there is no place to “plug in.”

A blogger is weird. (Look it up! )

Here is my personal favorite: A blogger manipulates others into writing on the computer with the promise that it will be good for business. (I’ll talk about suckers later!)

Maybe you can help with an official definition of a blogger, so others can be on the look-out! For me it’s more of a …feeling… .

Let me share a little of my experience:

I am not a blogger. I want to be very clear… I am not that! I never even heard of the condition 5 months ago when Michelle suggested to me very casually (look out for casual suggestions) that we have a blog instead of a website. I said, “Sure…whatever!” I didn’t know what it was, but didn’t want her to think I was stupid… Because to be honest with you, I didn’t even know what a website was when we met. I was secretly hoping chocolate was involved… It’s not.

So, these bloggers move fast. Within 24 hours we had this thing called a ‘blog’ and Michelle informed me that I would need to write. That was my only task. I like writing, so I thought that would be alright. But then she started talking about all these other people that are writing… And how she likes to read their blogs and then I started getting this information from her on-line (I know what that is) and she started talking about people that I don’t know.

Kinda like my 10-year-old daughter talks about club penguin. (I think it’s an on-line dating service for toddlers… I heard one 10-year-old saying how she broke up with one of the penguins… weird!) Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m thinkin’ that these bloggers are penguins.

They’re not.

So, there is lot’s in between. But a couple days ago… get this… Michelle tells me she’s going to a blogging conference SOBCon08 successful outstanding blogger. Now I know she’s off her rocker. I’m thinkin’ Why?

Apparently there are going to be a lot of people doing what Michelle is doing. (Driving others crazy with their obsession) It seems like Michelle is in some kind of secret conference everyday… typing…. Won’t you wierdos’ experience some kind of finger manipulation deprivation? Oh, I bet you will bring your computers with you and do something odd like Twitter the person sitting right next to you.


I’m thinking…Maybe I should see what she’s up to. But then I change my mind. I’ll just tell you what she told me and then you can tell me if she’s okay or not.

Michelle is getting on a plane tomorrow to Chicago. It’s cold in Chicago so my faith in her is fading. She says that she is going to have her radio show there and I am thinking that it is working just fine how she’s been doing it. Apparently, she is going to interview some other bloggers. I’m not sure if they know how to talk. (Michelle, casually told me that Chris Garrett will be there and he knows how talk.)

Michelle just got home and I peeked at her computer screen and it says, “The Blog Squad” She didn’t even say hi yet. Maybe she hasn’t noticed I’m here. I think when she will notice that I unplugged her computer for fun.

So, I’m going to listen to Live Your Purpose Radio Show this weekend… You know for support and stuff. But will you listen too? I am of the opinion that she should be interviewing people that are living their purpose. She says she’s convinced that she is living her purpose by going to this conference. I believe her, but just in case let’s see if she’s making this all up.

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