Who Else Wants to be the President and CEO of Their Money?

My money works for meIn one hour of working with my colleague Barbie Dallman (financial fun wizard), I changed my relationship with my money–again, and became the President and CEO of my money.

In a powerful internal exercise, my money called me on the phone and invited me to come for a visit. I had no idea what my money wanted, but I was headed in that direction and so I stopped by. “What a beautiful home,” I thought. A huge Victorian home surrounded by trees and vegetation of all kinds filled my imagination. When I knocked on the door my money opened it with such exuberance. She was very happy to see me and invited me into the parlor. I noticed how clean my money’s home is and what beautiful objects furnished this home. I was impressed that it was not cluttered and there was a sense of deep respect for the items that live there. I don’t know why, but I was surprised by all the ideas that flowed from my money. She is energetic and full of life. Today, I learned that my money wants to create with me on a much bigger playing field that I ever have before.

I hired my money! Wouldn’t you have?

It is my job to keep my money working and to treat my money so that it wants to work for me. I get to call the shots because I am the President of the company. And I need to treat my money as the valued employee that it is. I don’t want to work hard for my money, I want my money to work hard for me.

Mind-blowing! Guess what? My money wants to work hard for me. My money wants to help me live my life purpose. My money feels useful and respected when it is working. My money is excited about the opportunities that await.

I need an agreement with my money. A contract of sorts, so that we know what to expect from each other. My money wants to change the world and is on fire with ideas on how to do that and I need to give her the direction and structure for my money to express in this physical world.

During this exercise, a belief that supports the level of impact I want to have on this changing world was born.

My money grows exponentially with every choice I make!

It was pointed out to me that whatever you spend is gone, but when you invest there is an expectation of return on your investment.

I have changed my language around money (and time) to reflect my new belief. I am no longer spending my money, I am investing my money, even if I am purchasing a meal or a DVD. I am no longer spending my time, I am investing my time, even if I am eating a meal or watching a DVD.

My money wants to change the world by empowering people to raise their consciousness and take responsibility for their creation. Life is creation. What do you want to create? What do you want your life to look like. I know, from my very core, that as you are living a sources life, and expressing your Divine Purpose, you will change the world too! Your contribution is significant and your money wants to support you.

My money supports my shifts in consciousness leading to the transformation of this planet. The individuals that I work with wake up to their potential and see the magnitude of what they have to offer. They let go of their smallness and step into their Divine Purpose with confidence and direction.

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Please share with me. Are you ready to step into the position of power with your money? Are you ready to be the President and CEO of your money? Have a conversation with your money. How does your money work for you now? Does it want to do more? Where are you limiting or holding your money back from what its full potential? What would need to shift for you to step into the next level of creation with your money? What would you need to let go of? A belief? A judgment?

(I am grateful for my colleague, Barbie Dallman, for her investment in me! You have inspired me to play bigger than I ever thought possible. Click on Barbie’s site to change your relationship with money.

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