Miracle Coaching!

Leila-fistMake 2014 the BEST YEAR of your life!

“Your Year of Miracles” is a group mentoring program offered by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.  Miracle Coaching is offered to members of YOM exclusively by Master Integrative Coach, Leila Reyes.  Personally trained by Debbie Ford in helping people create their BEST Year ever, Leila brings her expertise helping you move past your limitations to open yourself up to what the Universe desperately wants to give you – miracles!

Miracle Coaching is right for you if:

1.  Being in this program brings up doubts, fears, or triggers past patterns of behavior.

When you’re opening your heart and soul up to receiving miracles, you may come up against some challenges.  That’s actually a good sign!  The trick is to not cave into them, but to expand out of them and allow yourself to have a new experience with receiving what you most desire.  We’ll work to identify and release sabotaging beliefs and behaviors and work with your doubts and fears.

2.  This program is bringing up new desires and you want support in maintaining clarity in your intentions.

When you start to vision for yourself, you may notice that your vision gets bigger.  Leila will keep you focused and on track!  She will help you clarify your intentions so they remain authentic to your highest vision, and she will hold your hand by sharing her compassionate support and powerful insights.

3.  You’re having insights about yourself and your life and  have important decisions to make.

Leila is exemplary at helping you get clear.  Her gentle strength serves you in making decisions that are from the depths of your heart.  She asks the right questions and has an uncanny ability to help you experience your own confidence and self-esteem at its best.  Most importantly, she creates a safe container where you can be completely honest and not have to worry about being judged in the least.

4.  You need help creating structure to implement the tools and stay out of overwhelm.

There are so many calls and so much to stay on top of.  You have a life that is taking all your attention, and you need support to stay out of overwhelm.  You’re committed to your miracles and following the program to the end, but need help prioritizing and maintaining momentum.  Leila will help you create a customized structure with personalized accountability so you can feel successful – even if you’re not doing it all!  You’ll feel empowered knowing that you’re doing the best you can and it’s all perfect and in alignment with your unique experience.

5.  You’re having a blast creating miracles!  Everything is working and you want support taking it to the next level. 

Whether your miracles seem just out of reach or they are coming faster than you know what to do with them, Leila will help you step into your highest potential.  You’ll co-create an action plan specific to your life, identify the risks you know you need to take, and Leila will lovingly support you every step of the way.

Here are the details:

• 3 months of personal 1:1 coaching.

Two 40-minute calls per month
Email support
Miracle Assessment and Consultation