Michelle Vandepas Chosen For 1st Presentation Of The Season!

Michelle Speaks!

Michelle Vandepas is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever heard.  You might think I’m biased, since she is my business partner, and I am.  But that’s not why Michelle is so engaging.  Her history shows a colorful past that has led her to an open heart.   Michelle tells stories that are drawn from her own life that magically touches your soul.  She speaks with passion and purpose and guides her listeners to do the same.

Speaking from the heart is a quality that is not learned–it’s birthed.  Her ability to connect with her audience in profound and life transforming ways is unmatched by anyone I’ve personally listened to.  From the moment that Michelle steps in front of her audience she is connected.  Her audience feels the instant connection and, if you are lucky enough to be in the audience, you will be inspired to shift something in your life that will bring you closer to engaging your life in meaningful ways.  For Michelle and I this means expressing your Divine Purpose in your own unique way.

Many people use social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace as a way to share their spiritual gifts…  Social media is a tool used to connect with people you otherwise would not be able to share your heart with. Michelle is a social media junkie.

So What Does This All Mean?

The Mountain Social Media Summit is fast approaching (September 11-13), and Michelle is packing her bags because  I am submitting this blog post for her,  as her entry for the Keynote Speaking Competition at the Social Media Summit.

An expert in social media,

….(Michelle screams here, ‘I am not an expert,  Chris Brogan is a Social Media Expert! I just have some experience! “).

Michelle is very excited to share her knowledge and experiences with the attendees at this fabulous conference.  She’s learned it all from experience.  Even here on Divine Purpose Unleashed, she has learned what not to do…  Have you read my article about being naked in the sauna?  Well, it’s our most read article…but not by you!  Not by our readers.  Can you imagine the people who are searching in Google:   Naked in The Sauna? Michelle’s got a funny speech about that.

Make Your Title Relevant….. To Your Audience!

A very important lesson to learn early on is to make sure that the titles of what you are writing match your audience.  In any online forum, or blog or social media once you press send, you pretty much can’t take it back!

Michelle is cool under pressure and the sauna thing just faded into the background for her.  She knows what she’s about.  And Michelle has been about some pretty big things–like when she spoke to the FDA, or when she won a national speaking competition at age 27.

Last year Michelle spoke at the 9th annual BeCon, and we’re still hearing from participants about the profound changes they are making in their lives-both personal and professional.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, Michelle is able to capture your imagination and focus your desires onto your biggest dream for your life–whatever that is for you!  She lays out the big picture, because she can see it.  There’s no playing small when you’re in a room with Michelle.  If you can dream it, she can inspire you to go for it!

In her weekly radio show, Michelle interviews guests such as Jennifer Louden, pick any one of the shows and listen–she’s really good at it.  Ask Corinne Edwards Media Coach what she thinks about Michelle and you’ll get a downpour of praise.  If you know Corinne, she doesn’t just pass them out like a 2-for-1 on the Las Vegas strip.

Does is sound like I’m tooting her horn?  I am!  And it’s all true, but why would I do that here?

  • First of all I want you to get a feel for how you will personally benefit by attending one of Michelle’s lectures or courses–if you have a dream–she will take it bigger!
  • Second, she’s entering a contest and if Mountain Social chooses her, then she will be packing her bags and telling her speech title:  Social Media Lessons Learned from Being Naked in a Sauna.
  • Third… because I want to carry her bags to the conference.  (Just kidding–this is my personal preference for public writing and my personal avoidance of public speaking.)

So, here’s her entry.

Good Luck Michelle

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