Manifesting Money with Barbie

Barbie Dallmann and money issues

Did you miss Coach Barbie this morning? The audio podcast is available to listen or download below. Here are the highlights:

Resentment of other people’s success (and money) is the biggest mistake we make. We have an idea that there isn’t enough to go around and if someone else has something, we can’t have it. TIP: Notice how you feel when something you want is owned by someone else. For instance, if a new car drives by, are you envious? jealous? excited? Just noticing your reaction will help change your attitude.

Paying bills and taxes is a way of moving the energy. Be grateful for opportunity to pay bills. Use the time of paying bills as a spiritual practice. Barbie writes “gladly” on her checks only after coming to a place of gratitude with each bill she pays. As she pays bills, she is happy to invest in hot showers and a roof over her head. She thinks about the people who work in the companies she sends the checks to. She is empowered to know that she is part of the circle and knowing that when she pays her electric bill, she is making it possible for someone else to work.

Instead of being resentful when you are paying taxes, invest your money when you pay taxes. Focus on your favorite investment. Barbie imagines all her tax money going to the park system. Where do you want to invest your tax money?

Barbie talks about how her mind works around budgeting. Not how most of us approach it, but very illuminating. She says to remember back to Halloween (maybe our first time we ‘owned’ something) and how you interacted with your candy. Barbie separated it out, made a plan as to how and when she would eat it. How did you interact with your candy? Did you hide it? Did you gorge? Did you give it all away? Did you get more or less than others? Does this illuminate any of your beliefs or behaviors around money today?

Barbie recommends that you invest your money on a conscious level, which included asking questions as you are investing.

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