Manifestation Life Purpose Playshop

1day Only! – October 18 2008

We are offering our workshop on manifesting October 18th , 2008 9 – 4 in Colorado Springs. Please come! Here is all the info:

Manifestation Play Shop

The play shop practicum guides you through a step-by-step process that will unveil your next steps that are in alignment with your life purpose.  You will gain clarity in what your heart chooses to manifest in relationship to your purpose. You will walk away with a blueprint to anchor your intention in the physical world allowing for the universe to deliver you opportunities to say yes to your purpose.

In this powerful day-long play shop you will:

  • Engage in a creative process that will move you forward.
  • Gain insight and clarity regarding your next step.
  • Supported in recognizing and listening to your own inner-voice.

These play shops are fun and innovative while simultaneously providing you an opportunity to take your manifestation efforts seriously.

Play Shops

Our day long interactive play shops focus on specific topics for manifestation.  Creative exercises are the staple of these powerful days.  In a safe and contained environment, you will have an opportunity to connect with your own wisdom to bring awareness to what yearns for expression.

Life Purpose Facilitators

Your facilitators for these play shops hold a powerful intention for the full emergence of your life purpose.  They are dedicated to holding you in your highest vision for yourself as you explore the possibilities for your life.

Your Highest Expression

When you combine your life purpose, your hearts desires, and your innate spiritual gifts you are born with you, will be living the highest essence of your soul.  Our Play Shops facilitate your journey of manifestation.

How To Participate in the Manifestation Play Shop

To guarantee your seat in this very popular Play Shop, take one of the following actions:

  • Sign up and pay for your seat using paypal
  • Contact CK at 719-784-1330 and pay via credit card or check.

Your Investment for this incredible opportunity is only  $95.00 plus $10 material fee.

Manifester Bonus

Sign up by September 30,2008 and receive access to our manifestation tele-class offered through a special download link.  This offer is only available to the serious manifester!

Michelle and CK , life purpose facilitators, Co-facilitate work-shops, classes, and play shops.  These two powerful women are living their Divine Purpose by empowering and inspiring you to live yours!

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