Make 2012 The BEST YEAR of Your Life

Your guide to an extraordinary life!

Facilitated by Certified Master Integrative Coach, Leila Reyes.

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Designed by Debbie Ford, NY Times best selling author based on her book, “The Best Year of Your Life.”

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What’s Included?

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Arrow - OrangeCreate a Vision, Goal & Plan that Inspires you!
Arrow - OrangeDesign a Structure that Ensures your Success
Arrow - Orange3 Integration Sessions
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You will not learn “how” to change your life, you will change your life!

Let’s explore how you can make 2012 your BEST YEAR Ever! I have helped countless people & I can help you SUCCESSFULLY REINVENT YOUR LIFE.

  • Are you ready to REINVENT YOUR LIFE?
  • Are you tired of telling the same old story year after year?
  • Is this the right time for you to commit to your evolution?

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Here’s what people say…

In just a few months I’m witnessing myself opening just as wonderfully and beautifully as the spring buds outside my window. My relationships are stronger than ever and my husband has new found respect for me. I now have a vision for my life and I’ve regained confidence in my ability to make my dreams come true. ~Olga Barnes

Reinvent ANY area of your life!

Leila is a knowledgeable and inspirational support for anyone who desires to make a change in their business practice. She provides meaningful feedback, brilliant resources, and effective exercises and ideas as I faced the challenges of creating growth in my private practice. I sincerely and enthusiastically endorse her services. I will choose her support and expertise again in any period of transition. ~ Martha G. Clingman, LCSW.

Create a future that inspires you!

My future is compelling and I have the confidence that there is nothing I can’t move through. Instead of watching my life happen and then reacting to it, I’m now participating in my life. Instead of turning a situation into a new drama for which I need to come up with an elaborate rescue plan, I am now clear in my direction. ~ Elizabeth B., Kansas

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