Don’t You LOVE Change? Hmmpf!

Death brings new life–always!

Letting go, not being attached, following the energy are all ways of dying–symbolically.  We need to make room for new growth.  Change is synonymous with new growth, but we have to be open to it.  We have to be aware of our fears and then we have to be courageous and bust through those fears.  Divine Purpose Unleashed is all about change.  Change that brings increasing awareness to our Life Purpose–yours and ours.

When things change, it will be easier if we simply respond.

When the weather turns cold, I put on my snow boots.  I keep them on until April.  Each time my daughter grows, I buy her new clothes.  I don’t want to, but it’s easier that way.

Sometimes change wells up inside of us before it is ever expressed into the world.  Maybe there is a desire for more depth of purpose, more authentic expression, or more meaningful connections.  That’s what is welling up inside of Michelle and I.  We’ve been asking ourselves, “How can we share more of who we are?”  “What fears do we need to bust through?”  We have some answers.  Some of our answers will be obvious to you, while others may have no recognizable connection to you.  But we’re answering the questions, and we want you to ask yourself the same questions.

One of my favorite shows reminds me that “resistance is futile.”  It takes a ton of energy to resist the change that is inevitable.  Here are some of the changes we are making:

Our website theme has changed.  It’s simpler, easier, and we like it!

With that said, I don’t understand why Michelle changed it, but she did.  Acceptance makes the changes that are requested of (forced on) me easier.

And, I do like the new theme.  On the right there are a bunch of words.  Michelle says they are called, “tags.”  I don’t know what tags are, but when you click on one of the words a bunch of things I wrote on that topic will *presto* compile themselves.  I think Michelle had something to do with it, but I prefer to consider it magic.

The Long awaited for Newsletter debuts this week.

Along with the change to the website, I’m finally writing the newsletter.  I know, I’ve said it before, but this time I’m doing it.  Because I love connecting so much, I would appreciate your feedback.  Tell me what you think; suggest some topics; offer an article on Life Purpose.

What new growth are you ready for?

Michelle and I don’t normally talk about other things we are up to, but we are changing that.  Did you know…

Michelle does websites and website makeovers and she has tons of resources.  She’s inviting you to ask her about websites! She would love to coach you if building an internet presence serves your higher purpose. Michelle is also a professional speaker and is available for keynotes, workshops, and breakouts.  Michelle and I will even customize a 2-4 hour program to share with your small business or corporation.

I’m a self-esteem and relationship coach.  I change lives–one heart at a time.  I coach processes, which basically means that I guide you out of the pain of comparison and self-loathing into self-acceptance and self love.  If you aren’t living the life of your dreams, and you’re ready to, then your relationship with yourself is the key element that, once transformed, will change your entire life.  I’m an expert on that!

I also write for The Portland Leader in Tennessee.  Sonya Thompson is a reader of Divine Purpose Unleashed and is the editor for the paper.  I am interested in writing for at least three other venues, so I’d appreciate your suggestions.

Change can feel scary.

On some level we know what needs to change in our lives and we might even know why it needs to change.  Unfortunately, that’s not always enough motivation to make the changes we need to.  Our fears stand in the way.  Outdated and unexamined beliefs stand in the way.  I’ve been afraid I won’t be able to please everyone…what if I say something that offends you?  I tell myself quite accurately that you’re probably offended no matter what I say.  That takes the pressure off.  What are you afraid of?  What do you need to break through?

What do you need to let die to let a more authentic expression of yourself emerge?

What do you need to change in your internal world to allow for an external alignment with living your Life Purpose?  What do you need to give up or let go of?  What habit, belief, thought, or behavior do you need to drop today?  What relationships need a makeover?  What needs to shift in your living environment?  Share with me what needs to change in your world…and I’ll keep you up to date with what is changing in ours…

PS: If you receive this through your e-mail or a feed reader and it looks the same, go to our site to view the changes.

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