Living Your Life Purpose Is A Choice!


What is it about the choices we make?

Are you really making choices at all or do you just have silent wishes?  In order for your choice to really make a difference in your life, you’ll need to back it up by taking action.  This amounts to putting living your Life Purpose on a front burner.

Every day you have hundreds of choices to make.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that your choices don’t matter.  They do–all of them.  Yes, even the little insignificant ones.

How do our choices matter?

Imagine for a moment that each of your choices will take you in a direction.  Each direction you embark on will give you a set of experiences.  Your choices will either take you closer to your Life Purpose or further away from it.

A thread that runs through my life is an overwhelming urge to empower people to accept themselves as they are and to love themselves completely.  The more empowered I feel, the easier it is to empower others to this end.

I feel empowered when I trust the words that want to come out of my mouth.  In order to trust the words that want to come out of my mouth, I need to feel a connection to source (you can call it what you want, The Divine, God, Your Higher Power–in this context they all refer to the same being).

Here’s where the choice comes in…

When I choose to take time in prayer or meditation or contemplation (all the same in my book), then my choice moves me closer to living my Life Purpose.  From this connected place, it’s much easier for me to empower others.  When I choose to let other ‘things’ take precedence over my connection to source, I move away from the very thing I need in order to share my gifts with you.

What choices do you make that bring you closer?

Take a look at the choices you make throughout a day.  Try it for at least one day, just for kicks.  Notice if the choices you’re making are in alignment with who you know yourself to be…  Are they moving you closer to living your Divine Purpose? or further from it?  All you have to do is ask yourself this simple question:

Does this choice move me closer to living my life purpose? or does it move me further from it’s expression?

Ask this question for each choice you make.  The information you get from one days activities just might give you the awareness you need to live your Life Purpose more fully.  Let me know how it goes!  Really, I want to know.

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