Who Else Is Living Their Life’s Purpose?

Inspired Life PurposeEach week I find a few people who are living their Divine, Life’s Purpose and share links with you here.

This week my blog mentor, Yaro Stark, diverged a bit from his typical perceptions about making money online and his Blog Mastermind program. He mused about what The Power of Purpose is, and how he works everyday – even while on vacation – because working – blogging, – is his passion and therefore, his purpose in life. Yaro loves his work and even takes work related holidays:

It’s unbelievably fulfilling to have a job to do that you enjoy, that allows you to express creativity and enhance other people’s live as a result. I can’t imagine enjoying a holiday that didn’t involve writing or attending a conference or doing something “work” related.

Cheryl from But What Now is evaluting her life as she comes up to retirement. Rather than kicking back Cheryl is exploring new pursuits:

Welcome! My name is Cheryl. I am planning on taking an early retirement from my current job at the end of 2008. Being so close I’m currently in transition, discovering new passions and learning new skills. I am writing about my own transition to retirement, looking forward to beyond retirement and what retirement actually means in the 21st century.

I’m following Cheryl to see what new life purpose she discovers during this transition.

The last person I’m nominating for living their Divine Purpose is our very own Aviana.

CK’s brave daughter Aviana shaved her head to help Uganda’s children. After you watch the 1 1/2 minute video, stumble and digg the post, then donate and leave a comment in support of this little girl living a purposeful life. If you know anyone else who might pick up the story of Aviana, please forward the video on. I’d love to get her a bit of publicity.

You Go Aviana!

Are you living a Purposeful Life? Let me know how in the comments below.

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