Live Your Life Purpose And Benefit Everyone!

I wish you knew how much you matter!

Part of the shame I lived with was that I didn’t matter, so it only makes sense that once I recognized my own significance I would want you to recognize yours.  My work consists of empowering people through their darkest shame and into their brightest light, which naturally leads to a life of contributing your most powerful gifts.

I’m still stepping into my light, and so I can’t really be angry at you for holding back yours.  Right?  It’s funny when I think about it… I’m asking you to share your gifts; I’m asking you to make your contribution; I’m asking you to stop holding back your light…  and really what I need to do is step more fully into mine.  It would be easier if you just lived your Life Purpose and then I could take a vacation!  Hmmpfh!  How ironic!

Your most difficult trials will lead you to your Life Purpose

Have you let the ‘bad’ things in your life derail you?  Take you off purpose; sending your spiritual gifts into hiding?  This is more common than you think.  Do you feel like there could be so much more meaning to your life, but you don’t feel capable of contributing… or you don’t think that you have something worthwhile to share?  If you take a step back and get the support you need, then you will discover that the significant events in your life have a purpose.

Do you live your life in Default Mode?

If you are living your life on auto-pilot, it might look like this:

You get up in the morning and do the same thing you’ve always done.  You complain about everything you’ve always complained of and you don’t do anything different. You’re not happy, but you don’t take any steps to change the circumstances of you life.  You know there is more to life, but you’ve been resigned to the belief that you won’t ever get to experience it!

What if you let every circumstance, trial, or derailing lead you to making a bigger contribution? BAM!  You’ll be living your Life Purpose.

What if you don’t know what your Life Purpose is?

Find out what your Life Purpose is!  It doesn’t matter how you discover it, or who you get to help you… what really matters is that you do what you need to so you’re not in the same passionless boat you’re in today!  (I’m assuming of course… How accurate am I?)

While Michelle and I would prefer you get our help, if we’re not a match we are more than willing to refer you to Life Purpose expert who would be a better match for you.  We know LOTS of them!

We’d love to share what we know about life purpose, and so Michelle and I have scheduled a community call on Thursday November 5th at 6pm pacific (9pm eastern) to share how you can discover your Life Purpose!  To join us, sign up here to learn how to Unveil Your Divine Life Purpose.

Hope to hear your magnificent voice on the call!

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