Life Purpose — What is it?


Life Purpose?

What is it?  Do I have one?  Does my Life Purpose have to be my job?  Do I need to wait till my children are grown to find it?

As a “Life Purpose Facilitator,” I’m asked these questions often.

What is Life Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is your gift to the world.  When you are fully engaged in your Life Purpose, you will feel fulfilled.  Living your Life Purpose does not guarantee your happiness.  I don’t think Mother Teresa felt happy living in the poorest parts of the world.  How could she be happy with the poverty she saw?  (Maybe she was, I don’t really know.  When I think about all the people in the world struggling with Life Purpose, I’m not happy.)

Mother Teresa had a calling to contribute her piece of the puzzle and she made a difference in the world.  If your contribution is as drastic as selling all your possessions and moving to a poverty stricken community, you might not feel happy.  At this extreme, living your Life Purpose is the ‘thing’ you have to do.  It is the welling up inside your soul that motivates you to carry on in the face of adversity.  Your Life Purpose might not be this drastic… Chances are you may never be called to live in poverty!

Your Life Purpose is the internal golden thread that gives your life meaning.  You’re already living it, yet you might not have the awareness of that.  Look around your life and see if you can see some common themes that have run through your life.  You may feel very disconnected from your purpose, and if that’s the case a Life Purpose Facilitator may be just what you need.

What is a Life Purpose Facilitator?

I don’t know anyone else (except Michelle) that call themselves a Life Purpose Facilitator, so I get to give the definition.

Life Purpose Facilitator.  –noun.  Someone who inspires others to find their own gold.  A teacher who motivates others to search beyond their limiting beliefs and expectations of life and to claim their significance in being born.  A person who empowers others to unveil, unleash, and manifest their spiritual gifts making a significant contribution.

A Life Purpose Facilitator shares resources, and writes and distributes valuable information for living a purpose-filled life.

A Life Purpose Facilitator holds her clients in the vision of their highest expression.

Does everyone have a Life Purpose?

Yes!  Everyone has a Divine Purpose!  And you are living it on some level, even if you don’t recognize it.  It doesn’t have to seem like a real big deal to society, but it is.  Your Life Purpose can be very simple.  You don’t even have to leave your home to live it.

What if you were the missing piece?

It is my personal mission to empower everyone I come in contact with to unveil their purpose, unleash it in the their life, and manifest it into the world.  I envision all of humanity as a puzzle.  No matter how hard you try to put the puzzle together if one piece is missing, you notice it.  Will you bring your piece of Life Purpose to the table?  Acknowledge your significance, because you matter; you make a difference!

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