Life Purpose Requires You To Make Some Changes…

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Big changes!

In order to step into your light, you must let go of that which no longer serves you.  For some it’s a career, for others it’s a relationship.  For some it’s a pattern of thoughts and behaviors or even crazy making people in their life.  Among the more daunting is an outdated belief system that must be dismantled.  And still, some must seemingly let go of everything!

What do you do when you are called to make changes?

If you are like most people, it needs to get pretty bad to make the big changes.  Ever heard the term “rock bottom?”  Ever wonder why people wait to hit rock bottom?  It would be in your best interest to run a comb through your life and identify the changes that need to be made.  Even if you don’t do them all at once, identify them!

How long does it take to make the changes you know need to be made?  Do you minimize or explain away?  Do you make excuses or deny reality?  Do you talk about the changes, complain about your current situation, but never actually take action to change your circumstances?

Do you have the same complaints year after year and wonder why?  Even though you aren’t doing anything different?  Are you surprised that you are getting the same results from your inaction?  Hmmmm.

Here are some changes I made this year…

Some changes you make will be directly related to living your Life Purpose, others will not seem so obvious.  However, living your Divine Purpose is about alignment.  What changes do you need to make that bring you into alignment with your authentic expression.  When you make the course corrections in your life, you will free up energy to use in sharing your gifts.  Here are some of my changes…

  • Changed a draining relationship (that sure freed up a ton of energy!)
  • Moved 1500 miles
  • Hired a coach (there’s a whole list of changes under this heading)
  • Started carrying my own To Go Ware container to reduce my forkprint on the planet
  • Committed to a regular exercise routine
  • Changed my name! (I’m still in the process… but want you to know about it!)

Introducing Leila Reyes!

I’ve been wanting to change my name for a very long time.  I’d even entertained several names and had a few nicknames that I never shared with anyone.  I read baby name books….  I found a few nice names, but they didn’t belong to me!  I asked people for suggestions, but the only ones I got were names they would choose for their own children.  Energetically, CK Reyes had to go!

In August, during a meditation, a name came to me so strongly that it took my breath away.  I knew in that moment that my new name would be Leila!  I tried it out and it felt great.  I shared it with colleagues and family and friends.  It is a match!  My new lover only knows me as Leila, so shh… don’t tell him.


Before my move back to California, I was invited to draw a self-portrait.  The photo at the beginning of this post is my first crack at it.  I was VERY uncomfortable and even afraid of the chalk!  This drawing captures the part of me that has become pained and strained in life.  The part of me that is rigid and insecure and feels inadequate.  I haven’t felt her for a while, but as I’m writing I’m realizing she has emerged recently and so I have some work to do with her, so that part of me doesn’t sabotage my life!  Hello… I guess I need an appointment with my coach!  and my journal…

Sitting on the floor in front of a mirror, I closed my eyes and connected with the energy of Leila.  Beautiful.  Free.  Confident and Secure!  Totally and completely trusting and open in communication!  All is me, but this part of me hasn’t had a voice… or access for full expression and manifestation.  I opened my eyes and chose a piece of chalk and let her out!  Here’s her photo…

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Look forward to changes in 2010!

I would love to hear what changes you made this year and how they impacted your life.  Were they major life altering changes where everyone knows something is different?  Or were they changes in your inner world that have trickled out leaving a soft breeze in your wake?

Take some time to contemplate what you’d like for 2010, look at your life and notice what you would need to do to easily manifest the changes that easily lead to the best year of your life!  Ask yourself some questions:

  • What do I want to say about myself and my life at the end of 2010?
  • What would I need to let go of to easily create the changes I want to make for myself?
  • What kind of person would I need to be today to manifest those changes?
  • What truths have I been unwilling to acknowledge?

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