Life Purpose In One Sitting?


Can you find your Divine Purpose in twenty minutes?

Some say you can find your life purpose by simply sitting down with pen and paper.  Exercises using lists and journaling will connect you with your unique gifts.  Employ all the exercises you can get your hands on!  What you’re looking for is the unique quality that permeates your being.  Often that quality will be evident to the people you share your life with.  The exercises we offer help you to connect with the most authentic parts of who you are; the parts that once shared leave you feeling fulfilled and passionate about your life.  The better you know who you are, the deeper you can connect with your Life Purpose.

The purpose of these writing exercises is to ilicit an emotional reaction that informs you of what your Life Purpose is.  It will take a bit longer to delve into the depth of what you find through the spiritual work you engage in, however, as you acknowledge the existence of your special qualities, you will find the path that you must take.  This is a magical journey and that requires your openness and commitment to the discovery process.

The following exercise is a great starting point, so if you weren’t able to create your Life Purpose Mission Statement from the suggestions given by Tina Su, then try this and then reread her article.  Ask the following question and take as much uninterrupted time as you need, and feel free to come back to the exercise several times during the week:

Why am I here?

Don’t think, don’t edit…. simply write!  Write fast and furious.  Write until you find the answer that fills you with emotion as if you’ve finally been seen and acknowledged.  When you know what your life purpose is you will feel the significance of your own existence.  You are here for a reason and that doesn’t mean that you will be in the public eye like Ghandi or Mother Teresa, but it does mean that you will be making your contribution.  You won’t be able to implement your Life Purpose in one twenty minute exercise, but you will start to become aware of your unique energy, and you will start to see how you are already living your Life Purpose in your everyday life.

Your contribution is significant!

You might think that embodying your life purpose isn’t that important unless it has an obvious impact on thousands of people, but you need to know that what you are here to share is significant.  And as you give voice to your Life Purpose is will grow in ways it can manifest and express through you.

The reason the world is in the state it’s in is because everyday people haven’t felt their own significance in the world.  They haven’t considered their impact on the planet through everyday, seemingly meaningless, interactions.

People who embody their life purpose make a difference as they rub up against others at coffee shops and shopping malls.  People who integrate their life purpose into their hearts and lives make a difference by taking their share of the responsibility for our collective future.  These people become aware of their impact and use their scope of influence to create a better world–even if it’s an unconscious act… but as you connect more deeply with your life purpose, your consciousness will increase and so will your contribution!  Are you ready?

What I thought Life Purpose was 10 years ago…

Back in the day…. I invested my time shopping.  I was at the mall on September 11, before George Bush recommended that we spend money to support our economy.  My life was filled will sales racks and the smell of a freshly buffed showroom floors.  I thought I was in heaven whenever I got the perfect parking spot on the days the new merchandise arrived.  I loved shopping just after a trip to get rid of all the merchandise I no longer wanted.  Recently I learned The Story of Stuff, and cried as I realized how easily I stepped into the role of shopper… I really thought shopping was my Life Purpose!

I felt empty and knew no other way to fill my aching soul!  As I embarked on the path of fulfillment through sharing my authentic self, I discovered that there was more to life than shopping.  While I didn’t know it at the time, it has become evident over the past decade that my feeling of insignificance had created a hole I didn’t know how to fill.  Connecting with your Life Purpose is the first step in filling that hole… that feeling of emptiness… that passionless void that seems to get bigger with time.

If you feel insignificant, you will need to fill yourself with something.  It’s better to know why you are here so you have something worthwhile to be passionate about.  It is when you are sharing your gifts in increasingly expanding ways, that you will feel fulfilled.

How many times do I need to tell you that YOU ARE NEEDED!

What if you were the missing piece of the puzzle, and the existence of our planet hinged on you giving your gifts… What if your most authentic expression of sharing your spiritual gifts with the world was the difference between a world of continued warfare or the restoration of the Garden of Eden?  The only way we can change the imminent results of our collective past choices is to know why we are here and start living our life purpose.

The most significant action you can take is to find out what your Life Purpose is and integrate it fully into your life.

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