Life Purpose in London Here We Come!

Going to London

If you remember, Michelle had a birthday in December.

We’re both Capricorns… She turned fifty.  I’m not turning, or telling!  At her party I facilitated a Vision Board for her.  Guests brought images for her board.  Michelle only wanted images for her future…she’s really big into what’s next… I love that about her!

Michelle has been making connections

…with people in London, and about a week ago, guess what Michelle added to her vision board. London!  She cut out a picture and put it on her board.  There wasn’t much fanfare with it, she stated what she was doing and it was done.  That’s how she works.  She says, “Here’s my next step,” and by the time I talk to her again it’s a done deal.  I love that about her!

Even though I was expecting it, I wasn’t completely ready for our next interaction on the topic.  It’s unfolding fast!  Last week  she sent me a link for airfaires to London.  $200 each way!  I took a deep breath and, because I know her, I went to the post office to get my daughter’s passport…  Within a few hours she twittered and we have people signing up…  The airfaires need to be booked by next week, so to make this happen we need a full workshop–that would be twenty people.  Life Purpose and Manifesting meetups are posted.  Craigslist is posted.  It feels like we are going to London.

And…. Whether we actually go or not is  NOT the point!

Michelle and I make plans.  Often.  Sometimes our plans lead us to facilitating workshops, teaching classes, or coaching… and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes we don’t get one call–from anyone!  You could call us big failures…  Well, you could!  Not everything we do ends up looking the way we planned it.  And in manifesting the life of your dreams… in living your life purpose… in creating a life you love… or engaging in Conscious Livelihood(tm)…  it is always necessary to follow the energy.

I say, “Yes!” and then I ask questions.

The most important thing you can do when stepping into your next highest expression is remain open to the possibilities.  Instead of listening to the reasons why you couldn’t or shouldn’t or wouldn’t, keep your heart open so that you ask more questions on how you can.

I have a hundred reasons why going to London in less than two months is crazy.  I bet you could come up with some for us too…  but, I don’t want to hear them–from you or from myself.  I’m going to London until the energy tells me something different.  Why is this important for you to hear?  Why am I sharing my process with you?

Because I want you to go for it….  Whatever IT is for you!

You might encounter lots of deadends.  You might be led into a ton of different directions.  Then again, you might find a way of sharing your spiritual gifts that you never thought of before…  How many times do you stop yourself before  even exploring the possibilities?  How often do you tell yourself, “NO” because yes isn’t in your vocabulary–or because you are afraid that it might not happen?  That you might fail?  That you might look silly?  How many times have you given up before you ever started?

Life Purpose in London Here We Come!

You’re invited to London March 13th, 14th, and 15th.  Come to one class or all three.  Here’s the layout:

March 13th Friday Evening:  Reinvent Your Life  by donation

March 14th Saturday: Unveiling Your Life Purpose  $90 pounds

March 15th Sunday: Manifesting Your Life Purpose  $90 pounds

What do you need to say, “YES” to?
If you were to step out of your small self and into your fully manifested self, what would you say, “yes” to?  What risk would you take that you’ve been unwilling to take up until now?  What commitment will you make to yourself or others?  What do you want, and what are you willing to do about it?  You will never succeed unless  you are willing to fail… Are you?

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