Life Purpose? I’m Full Of It!

And I don’t mean purpose.

Every once in a while, Michelle and I look at each other and say…. “Let’s lie to them.  Let’s give up our value of authenticity, and lie to them.  Let’s tell them that living your Life Purpose is easy.”

That’s what were supposed to do.  Tell you it’s easy.  Because if we tell you it’s easy, then you’ll want us to share all our techniques with you.  Then you’ll want to download the Myths Report.  Then you’ll want to hire us as your Life Purpose Coaches.

When we come up against our evolutionary edges, all we feel is how hard it is.

No matter how easy it’s been for us, or how long it’s been easy.  No matter how free the energy has been flowing or how long it’s been flowing, we eventually get to a hard spot.  I’m there right now! That’s when I think I’m on the wrong path.  That’s when I think I don’t know what we’re talking about.  That’s when I know you’ll see right through me.  I’m a fake!  A phony!   That’s when I want to give up and go away.  That’s when I want to pull the cover over my head and disappear.  Forever!  Sound familiar?  Lucky for me I know what this is…  An evolutionary edge.

I’ve reached my ceiling and I’m scared!

You will know you’re at an evolutionary edge, your personal glass ceiling when you want to keep the status quo.  You will know that you’re about to break through your limitations when you realize how easy things are and that you are comfortable with your life just the way it is. There’s nothing wrong with that!  I could stop right now and my life would be perfect.  I have a great life.

  • My time is my own.
  • I can sit for my hearts content at the local cafe’ drinking mate’ and visiting with the locals.
  • I can coach the unsuspecting out-of-town visitor and change their life forever–in 20 minutes.  I’m good at that!  My ego loves it.
  • I can write articles for divorce magazines and newspapers and work on my book.
  • I can meet with my regular clients–connecting in the most magically deepest way you can imagine.  I’m good at that too. My personal strength is creating a safe place for people to move out of their limitations and into a life of their dreams.
  • I can go to the movies, visit with friends, travel, drink really good wine.

Yes, I could stop right now and then I could honestly say that living my Life Purpose is easy.  And if I didn’t have Michelle forbading me from playing small, I would.  Today!

Why would I go ahead and tell you that living your Life Purpose is easy?

Especially after all that?  Why would I “lie” to you?  Here’s the secret:

It’s because I know I’m in fear.  I have the awareness to know that it’s my fear speaking.  And I know, because I’ve done it before, that I need to move through my fear and into my next highest expression.  Once I move through the fear, it will once again be easy.  But, today it feels hard.  Really hard!

I’m going to share what my evolutionary edge is….

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Giving into fears is a Life Purpose KILLER!

If you knew how much sweat was pouring off of me during that video, you’d laugh.  I cried, but you’d laugh. It should be easy, right?  I mean this is an irrational fear of mine.  But, that’s how it works.  We have a fear and we let it deter us from our highest vision.  I wouldn’t even bother with this video thing if I didn’t know, intuitively, that it’s part of my bigger vision.

Right now I work with small groups of people–and I’m in my confort zone.  Small groups scream EASY to me.  My evolutionary impulse is to reach a larger audience.  Living my Life Purpose more fully means that I need to work through my limitations, specifically my fear of being in front of the camera.  Working through this obstacle is me stepping into my next highest expression.  Once I do it, you’ll get a video from me telling you how easy it is to live your Life Purpose!

What’s your evolutionary edge?

I feel like I’ve just splayed my heart out to you.  I feel vulnerable and want to hide my shame and embarrassment from you…  So, make me feel better and share what you’re willing to work through.  If you want the support of stepping into your next highest expression, I’ll help you… That’s EASY for me.

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