Life Purpose – Can You Live It When Life Screws With You?

Mountain View

Does life make it easier or more difficult to live your Life Purpose?

It’s easy to live your Life Purpose when you know what it is and life is cooperating with you.  It’s easy to feel supported on your path when circumstances consistently unfold to your benefit.  But, what about when chaos and turmoil taunt you?  What about when responsibility claws at your feet demanding your attention?  What do you do in the reality that life is happening all around you – pulling you – toying with you – breaking your heart?

Has 2009 dealt you a cornucopia?

Have you had an easy year, your most difficult, or somewhere in between?  The possibilities are endless – from death and disease to heartache and loss – from joy and abundance to gain and pleasure.  What has 2009 presented?  What has life handed you and how have you responded to it?  What perspectives have you held that empower you to step more fully onto your unique path that surely is taking you to a higher expression of your Life Purpose.  Surely!

Have you let the old go to make way for your next evolution?  Have you let go of what is wanting to leave, or have you been holding on in fear – refusing to grow?

This year I received an e-mail ending a five-year relationship.

Many people told me I should be angry at the way he said goodbye.  Indeed, this is not a preferable way of ending a relationship, but my anger could be the birth of a long heartache.  Or… I could accept the fact that the relationship is over and let it go.  How much energy do I really want to put in being angry?  Or “right” about the way he left?  None!  I asked myself this powerful question:

What if this were the best thing that ever happened to me?

When you ask a question like that, you have to be prepared for the answer.  I chose to let go – with blessings!  I chose to focus my creative energy on myself and the future that is ahead of me.  I now have a friend in the lover I once had.  How much more fun is that?  There’s a lot more energy to direct toward your next evolution when you choose  an empowering perspective for the circumstances that present themselves.

Do you ever hang on to the past as if it’s all you have?  If you do, then heal your broken heart today!  There’s too much joy and passion and purpose waiting for you to stay stuck!

My grandmother needed care the last year of her life.

I moved back to California in September and cared for my grandmother two days a week.  This took a lot of my time and a big reason why I haven’t been writing much.  Grandma died just before Thanksgiving.  I was with her and with my hand on her chest I felt her heartbeat gently fade away.  I’ve been receiving many condolences, please don’t!  I’ve chosen a perspective that empowers!  I had the honor of being in service to this strong and capable and generous woman.  I was blessed with the spiritual experience of recognizing life; her last heartbeats were the exact feeling of the first fluttering of life inutero.  While some family members would disagree, I learned to slow down!

Do you empower or disempower yourself?

While it makes perfect sense that events and circumstances will take some attention and care to deal with, it is in your best interest to keep things in perspective and stay on purpose with the direction of your life.  I’m not implying that you shouldn’t be flexible, in fact flexibility is exactly what’s needed to trust the promptings of your soul — and that keeps you on course, not off!  How much of your life is keeping you stuck?  How much of your life is acting as an excuse or an avoidance to stepping fully into living your Divine Purpose?

Get Support!

The best advice I ever got was to hire a coach and now I work with one regularly.  Each time I evolve my ceiling becomes my floor and there’s something new and exciting for me to explore and grow into, and that’s when I need a coach to provide the insights and accountability to move me to a new level of sharing my spiritual gifts.

What would it be like for you if you knew for sure where you wanted to go, and then gave yourself the support you need to ensure your goals don’t just remain unlived fantasies?  I know the world would be a better place if you were giving your gifts fully and completely.  What’s holding you back?

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