Life Purpose and LOVE!


Can you live your Life Purpose and be in love?

If you’re like a lot of people, you know it’s all too easy to give up your dreams to engage in a romantic relationship.  Or at least deter you from it’s focus!  It’s all too easy to put your attention on another person instead of your own purpose-filled life.

The keyword here is purpose.  You can be in love, have a romantic relationship, and live your purpose.  But, you have to do it purposefully. If you don’t, you might just get deterred.

Using a relationship to deter you from living your purpose…

Some people will use a relationship, so they don’t have to take responsibility for creating a life of their dreams.  Maybe there’s a lot of drama in the relationship, or perhaps you focus on the other persons dreams.  This is the trickster at work.  You think you’re on purpose, but you’re totally off track.  In this situation, you might not even recognize it for years.  Then one day you wake up and you wonder what happened.  Look at what your life has looked like during past relationships and see…

  • Have you given up your personal passions, activities, and hobbies?
  • Have you let go of your friends, family, and co-workers?
  • Do you consistently focus your attention on the other person, without bringing your desires, dreams, and passions into the picture?

If you’ve answered, “yes” to the above questions–don’t call me.  I’m a coach, not a therapist.  Just kidding, I probably can help, but the point is you have some work to do before you engage in another relationship.

Are you ready to manifest your next romantic relationship?

I’m only hesitant to share this information with you if you lack commitment to your Life Purpose.  If you are 100% committed to your Life Purpose and not letting a relationship deter you, then I encourage you to read on:

Following her intuitive impulses, Andrea Hess (one of my favorite people on-line) is offering a free teleclass called

Step Into Love: How to Manifest Your Next Romantic Partnership Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 11am Pacific/noon Mountain/2pm Eastern

Register for her free class; I’ll be there! I know Andrea and so I have no hesitation telling you that it will be good.

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