Life in Perpetual Beta – Melissa Pierce Audio Interview

Melissa Pierce from Life In Perpetual Beta is following her passion by making a film.  Has she ever made a movie before?  NO

Does she know what she is doing? NO

Does Melissa love what she does? YES

And isn’t that what we are all chasing? We all want that:  A life of loving what we do.

Melissa Pierce is having the time of her life, chasing her dreams and having a dang good time at it!

The purpose of the film her to ask these questions:

  • Is there a link between creativity and authenticity?
  • Can I do what I love and still get paid?
  • The world is a changing place, how do I change with it?
  • Business is moving toward more creative and collaborative platforms, where does that leave me?
  • Is the planned life even worth living?
  • How has technology changed our society?
  • What’s next?

We had a great interview, so listen and then leave your comments for Melissa below.
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