My Search for Life’s Meaning and Divine Purpose (part 2)

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This is the second post in the series chronicling my search for meaning and purpose in my life.
The first post The Early Years search for purpose and meaning starts my journey.

The Foundation for Being an Entrepreneur!

Early on I knew sales would be my ticket to creating the life I wanted. It was a gift that I could nurture. One of my first sales jobs was at my grandmother’s rummage sale. I sold a bird cage to someone who didn’t have a bird, and my grandmother said I was gifted in the art of selling. I think I was nine or ten years old.

My teenage years saw a series of sales jobs. I loved that I could earn more when I sold more, and always went after the commission jobs. I was in control of my income! Then in my twenties I got a job for a computer catalog company.

The industry I was in was on the cutting edge – I was selling disk packs for mainframes via mail order! This was before the personal computer era and you can figure out my age now.

The training served me well. I cold called on the phone before ‘telemarketing’ was a bad name. I upselled, crossed-selled and made a lot of money selling. Soon I became a sales manager for the small department of three, and learned to manage other people.

Holistic Marketing is Born

During this time I also met my soon to be husband, and life took a turn for the best. – I’m still married twenty-six years later. Bob and I moved to Colorado where I quickly found work selling office supplies – again over the phone. When I cold called a made friends with the receptionist, and didn’t try to sell anything for the first few phone calls. When I called, I information gathered, – a tried and true selling technique, and I did it with heart and compassion – leading me to my future work in Holistic Marketing.

By the time I was twenty six, they made me sales manager over ten other sales people. I told my boss that I didn’t know how to type. My fear was I’d be relegated to ‘secretarial duties’, for another, more powerful sales department. This was the mid-eighties. (BTW, When I was fifteen I taught myself to at about 80 words a minute – I love having that skill now.)

After a year or so of managing, selling, learning and creating a department out of nothing, it was time to go out on my own. A co-worker and I established our own business based upon the newly emerging laser printer industry, and from that moment on, (over twenty-two years!) I’ve always owned my own business or have been self-employed.

So, we built our business and patented laser recharging technology (are you still with me?) and sold other entrepreneurs on this new technology. Our dealers came to training, signed an agreement, and purchased supplies from us.

We had over 300 dealerships worldwide before someone presented us with an offer to buy us both out.

Floppy Disks?

We started again, as we could, within our non-compete, and then not too long later, I bought out my business partner and then a competitor. The following years saw fast growth for my company as I added a federal sales division, a retail store, and a military purchasing hot line. I was about thirty years old, had twenty part-time employees.

We were selling 5 1/4″ floppy disks and pin fed computer paper. Remember those?

No Payroll Money

Many times were not easy though. I was learning business skills, being an employer and cash flow management. One morning I just didn’t have the money to meet payroll.

Many entrepreneurs have been in that same boat.

One late Friday night I managed to convince a purchasing agent to place an order for a years worth of computer paper. First thing Monday morning I took the purchase order down to the bank as collateral for a loan.. Payroll was due the same day.

I’m still grateful to the purchasing manager, but I’m sure she never guessed how her order saved the company that weekend.

Have you ever been faced with a zero bank account and payroll due? It is very disheartening.
That is only one of several close calls I’ve had. Many times I’ve wondered if I should stay in business, when I was out of cash. Somehow I’ve always pulled through, but it hasn’t always looked pretty. Sometimes I did quit, but I always started again.

I couldn’t really help it.

Starting businesses and helping others create theirs; Creating something from nothing.


That is part of my Divine Life Purpose.
I just didn’t know it yet.

More on my personal life journey in a week or so……

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