Your Heart, Not Your Emotions, Will Lead You to Your Life Purpose.


“Just follow your heart!”

I’ve given this advice quite a bit.  Michelle says it’s bad advice.  I think it’s great advice, as long as you understand the difference between following your heart and following your emotions.

Don’t follow your emotions!

Following your emotions will take you in circles and leave you feeling hopeless and victimized.  If you thought you were following your heart, but had these feelings–you were not following your heart.

What else can we call it?

  • Your intuition
  • Your evolutionary edge
  • Your highest good

There is a force inside of you that calls for your highest expression.  It will never lead you astray, but you have to recognize it’s voice.  You need to be able to differentiate between the voice of your emotions and the voice of your soul’s highest calling.  Sometimes it’s not so easy.

A Life Purpose Heart Tip!

Michelle and I want to share everything we have learned over the years to empower you to follow your heart–your highest good–your intuition!  And to know the difference between that which empowers and disempowers you.  We are preparing some heart tips for you to put in place in your life.  Here is the first one!

Life Purpose Heart Tip!

After you watch the video, leave a comment about how this simple shift in perspective can impact your life.

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