Leila Reyes

IMPECCABLY TRAINED! Leila Reyes is the director of Divine Purpose Unleashed.  She received her BA in Psychology at JFK University and is a Certified Master Integrative coach.  In addition to facilitating her own workshops on Life Purpose, Leila has assisted such luminaries as Debbie Ford in world class Shadow Process.  She has been professionally coaching since 2006 and is certified in The Best Year and Spiritual Divorce models.

COMMITTED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Leila has spent many years in leadership positions in her community, served on the board of directors for Executive Women’s International, and volunteered at The Center for Domestic Violence where she completed her field project.  Co-founder of Divine Purpose Unleashed, Leila coaches and leads workshops and teleclasses supporting people on their path for authentic expression.  She believes that change does not happen in isolation and that we must join together to make significant difference in the world.

DEEPLY COMPASSIONATE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! Leila is deeply loving and nurturing while at the same time highly effective in providing the necessary feedback and accountability to make lasting change.  She creates a safe place for her family, friends, and clients to transform their self-judgment, shame, and guilt into self-love and acceptance.  Leila’s expertise is in helping others improve the quality of ALL their relationships, so they can experience a high level of meaning and success in their lives.

In matters involving shame and guilt, Leila exudes unconditional love moving her clients to step into their power and create a life they’re proud of. She is a natural at holding space for transformation and has a spiritual gift of deep listening. Through her compassion and empathy, her clients experience a sense of safety that compels their heart to open and deliver its gifts.


“My life is changing every moment and has reached a momentum that is exceeding my every expectation. The need for a life that will fill me up has overridden the old feeling of needing work only to help me survive and for how much money can I make. The true joy of this process is that I have changed at the core level. Today the insights and “ahas” are so frequent there is really no time to process them as they come and integrate instantly. My gratitude for my own life is now sometimes overwhelming.”  –Terri  M.

My life has completely shifted! Where there once was pain, frustration, loneliness, and guilt, there is now peace, love, acceptance, and sheer joy.  For the first time in four years my children and I are laughing again. My relationships with my mom, sisters, friends, co-workers, and yes new husband have taken on a new deeper, richer meaning. Thank you Leila for helping me to create a better life! There’s room to be happy now. I’m not just surviving anymore, I’m living! And when the hurts come, I’ll be stronger and greater for them. My life now has a meaningful purpose. –Wendy M.


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