What Can You Learn From A Pre-Teen?

Birthday cake candles

My daughter turned eleven on Monday.

We had her BFF (Best Friend Forever) for the weekend.  They sent me to the store for ingredients and then made pancakes. (I couldn’t see the kitchen when they were done and I don’t know how they filled the sink with piles of dishes when I only got 2 smallish pancakes.)  I took them to the movies.  It was definitely her day and everything was about her.  My birthday this and my birthday that. My goodness, I’m the one who carried her for 9 months and then pushed her out…  Shouldn’t this be my day?

I thought, “Maybe she could live with her father.”

I know what you’re thinking about me.  It’s your shadow too, I’m just willing to say it!  (I’m sure my father would have loved to send me to my mothers house for those few years… right Dad?)  So think about it, my daughter is going to be a teenager soon; that’s when they really start getting self-centered? Right?  I get to ‘look forward’ to hormones….when it’s all over she won’t remember.  Maybe she could come back after the teen years…  After the “It’s all about me” years.  Maybe they never end… I mean listen to what I’m saying!

The $45.00 lesson!

After it was all over, she had $45.00 in her hand.  She had one of those ear-to-ear smiles.  You know, the ones that make you think you should never have thought about sending her to her dads?  Forty-five dollars is a lot of money for my eleven-year-old pre-teen.  She rambled on and on about what she was going to buy for herself.  She was literally jumping up and down with an exhuberation I don’t remember ever having for myself.  And then this little girl, who already sacrificed her hair for Just Like My Child organization, stopped cold…got a somber look on her face…walked right up to me…and handed me all of her money as she said with conviction, “This is for Uganda.”

She’s a Keeper!

I’ll take the hormones.  I’ll take the messy room!  I’ll take the it’s all about me...when I get to be the recipient of the look in her eyes when she gives of her heart.  I’m filled with gratitude for a child that considers those who have less than her.  I feel honored that I get to be this child’s mother.

The worst thing I can think of doing is asking for money.

I hate it with a passion.  I never thought I would use my blog to fund raise.  “That’s not the purpose of this site,” I assure myself.  So, maybe you will appreciate what it is taking for me to do this.  I think about my daughter and her willingness to give all she has to help others, and I think this is something I can do.  I can ask.  That’s a lot for me.  So, here goes…

Will you match her offering?

I know times are tough right now.  And so, I won’t hold it against you if you say, “No.”  And I know it’s important that you resonate with the organization you make a contribution to.  So, just consider it.  Take a look at Just Like My Child.  Go to the website and see if this is a charity you can get on board with.  Consider what $45 is for you: a meal out?  A haircut?  A new blouse?  For my daughter it is a DS game.  I don’t even know what a DS is, her father got it for her.  Is there something you would be willing to sacrifice that would say to my daughter (and all pre-teens) that she is making a difference?  When she shaved her head, she set a goal of $10,000. She has a way to go, but keeps coming back to it.  My daughter is leading a tribe of people caring for others.  Will you be part of her tribe?  A tribe that says, I will take responsibility for the children in Africa.

What do you think her purpose is?

I’d love to know what you think about purpose… What might my daughter’s actions today show about how she could live her life?  How could I support her to develop her spiritual gifts?  How could I encourage her to take care of herself along the way?  How can I show her how to bring even more of her authentic self out?

PS: If you decide to donate, will you send me an e-mail so I can let my daughter know?  ck at divinepurposeunleashed.com

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