Know FEAR!


Fear has been a companion of mine for many years.

I remember being very young and terrified of the shadows the curtains cast on my bedroom wall at night. You would think that as I grew old enough to understand they were only shadows, my fear would subside. It didn’t. My fear of the dark never left me.

Five years ago I attended a weekend workshop and was asked to go into the dark. Alone… Without a flashlight… I found a safe place on the deck and closed my eyes. When I was told I had to leave my safe place and go into the dark, fear took over. As I sat at the bottom of the stairs bridging the safety of the house and the wilderness, I was paralyzed. What was in those shadows? I was so afraid of the dark.

What did my FEAR say?

I am going to be eaten by wild animals.

It didn’t matter to me that no one was ever eaten in those woods. My FEAR said:

They’ve been waiting for me!

Today, after a lot of time in the dark, I know that fear has a purpose in our lives.

The Purpose of fear is to inform.

Fear is a predominate emotion in this country and has lost its informing abilities. We are spoon fed FEAR from our childhood right on through our golden years. It starts out as “You might get hurt,” and ends somewhere around, “You are going to end up alone in a rest home with no visitors.”

We spend so much time in fear that our FEAR has become the automatic place we live our lives from.

Living our lives from FEAR disempowers us from going after our dreams, pursuing our passions, and living our Divine Purpose. When we listen to our fear, as the authority, we often end up with what we are avoiding. My fear of being alone could be so strong that I avoid connecting with people. Or it could be so strong that I appear needy and you avoid me. Either way, I end up alone.

The slogan, “No Fear” is a validation of how much fear we have to overcome in order to live our lives. We need to Know FEAR, to embrace our fear. Why? Because it needs to take its rightful place as our informer.

Take yourself out of automatic pilot and have a conversation with your FEAR.

What do you want to manifest in 2008?

Now, what would FEAR say?

Think about something that you want to accomplish?

What would FEAR say?

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