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Arrow - OrangeReconcile Your Gifts & Talents with the Needs of the World
Arrow - OrangeStrengthen Your Ability to Receive Feedback from the Universe

Arrow - OrangeDiscover a Quality of Care that Energizes Your Every Action
Arrow - OrangeEncourage Newly Emerging Qualities & Desires
Arrow - OrangeRelease Preoccupations of the Ego and Make Room for a Grander Expression

Breakthrough Personal Problems that Consume You…
…..to a Purpose that Evolves You!

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Time-Tested Proprietary Material Designed by Josh Cohen, a “Trainer of Trainers”Proven Effective over 20 Years Helping People Live Purposeful Lives

What’s Included?

Arrow - OrangeSeven Weekly 90-minute Life Group Video Conferences
and one Breakout Session – facilitated by Josh Cohen & Leila Reyes
Arrow - OrangeInteractive Experiential Exercises
so you leave the course knowing your purpose, not intellectualizing it.
Arrow - OrangeIntegrated Community Support
handpicked by you from amongst your family, friends, and the people who’s feedback you most respect
Arrow - Orange“Real-World” Assignments
so you gain practical experience and confidence in your purpose
Arrow - OrangeRevolutionary Online Peer-Review Forum
enables you and your classmates to document your progress in weekly, online entries reviewed by a coach, so your success is an inter-dependent community effort
Arrow - OrangeAdditional Private Coaching Sessions available
Arrow - OrangeOption to join our Interactive Mastermind program
for ongoing support at a reduced rate upon course completionFree Bonus - Burst Badge Orange

BONUS: Sign up by December 30, 2012 & receive an additional private session!

Co-Facilitated by Josh Cohen, C.H.T., and Leila Reyes, C.I.C.P. with 27 years combined experience helping people discover their purpose.

Here’s what people say…

Josh’s programs offer a fool-proof scenario that can yield great transformational impact in a ready and willing participant. The more you’re ready to grow, the greater Josh’s programs can work for you.
~David Bownstein – Life Coach


Through the intensive process Leila facilitated, I was able to navigate hidden patterns in my life and uncover ways I undermine my efforts. I was able to evolve into who I really wanted to be and create a life that reflects my deepest values. I recommend anyone who is seeking to redesign and re-envision their lives into honest and empowered ways.~ Tina Kai, Entrepreneur.

Josh gave me the insights and tools for me to discover and live out my purpose in the world in such a way as I could not have understood, let alone believed, before going through it. In a very tangible manner this has changed, immeasurably for the better, not just my life, but the lives of my family, friends and colleagues. ~ Allstair Stewart – Biotech IS Manager

Leila helped me clarify the tangible steps necessary for me to make a bigger contribution. I feel more aligned with my path and I am now taking concrete steps toward sharing my gifts and talents with the world. –Lisa D. Therapist

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