It’s a Wonderful Life!


I just finished watching the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, for about the 44th time. I watch this movie every Christmas. This year it is alone as my children, Aviana and Sergio, are in California with their father. Oh, I could be watching it with someone, or I could be doing something else, but I am not. While I miss the times of Christmas past and all the significant ways that I made this day special for my friends and family, I sit in deep gratitude!

This movie touches me to my core. Each year it is the same, but this year I have a deeper understanding of it’s significance.

For the first time in my life I see the significance that my life has on others. I know that I have made a difference in the lives of so many people.

When times get tough, and they do, I can remember the message of this classic movie.

I am significant!

In the knowledge of my own significance, it is my responsibility to be and act significant unto myself by asking the right questions.

What do I want to create in 2008 and what am I willing to do about it?

It is so easy to place blame or to make excuses for not having our lives the way we want them. And it is clear to me that if I really want what I say I do then it is imperative that I take full responsibility for the actions that lead me to what I want.

If your life is exactly the way you want it, then share with me how you have manifested this wonderful life. If it isn’t then who or what are you blaming? Where are you making excuses? Is it because of your childhood? Your boss? Your spouse?

I didn’t wake up one day and realize that I created this mess of a life. I got some help in identifying the essential elements necessary to have a wonderful life, and then I put them into action for myself. I am now a significant force in creating wonderful lives–starting with my own! An essential element in taking responsibility for the creation of your wonderful life is to stop making excuses.

To get started, ask yourself, “What is it that I want to create in 2008?” Get clear. What do you want?

After you are clear, ask yourself, “What circumstances am I allowing to rob me of the wonderful life I want?”

When you have your answer, make a commitment to yourself to not use the above excuse at all in 2008.

Another element is to get support. There are many ways to get support. You could bust yourself on your excuse to a friend and ask to be reminded if they hear you use it. You could use post in notes to remind you not to use the excuse. You could hire a coach to keep you accountable. A coach will hold you in your highest expression of who you are while at the same time not letting an excuse get by. You could take a class that requires you to report on your status. These are all powerful supports that you could put in place if you want to.

Ask yourself,

“What level of support do I need to create my wonderful life?”

Don’t let anything stand in the way between what you want and what you know you need to do to get there.

It is a Wonderful Life! If you aren’t sure of this, look out of another window.

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