How to Be Inspired To Keep Going

Aviana shaved her head for Uganda

This is Aviana and Her Shaved Head

If you’ve been reading along you probably know that Aviana has shaved her head to raise money for the JustLikeMyChild Foundation to build a school in Uganda.

How Much Money?

Divine Purpose Unleashed hosted The Moses Code movie over the past weekend.

  • Aviana raised over $1200.00 so far toward her goal of $10,000.00.

The money came from proceeds from the movie and additional donations from many of you.

Social Networking on The Web!

As a result, Aviana is getting a lot of attention.

The video on YouTube where Aviana shares her emotions after shaving her head, has gotten over 900 views so far!

Corinne over on Personal Growth has written about Aviana twice: Here on her Moses Code Movie Review And Girl Shaves Head

Raymond on Attracting Your Goals, – Law of Attraction asked us if We Would Shave Our Heads to help.

Stephen from Adversity University Stumbled the original post Aviana and The Moses Code. with this comment: This was by far the most beautifully endearing video I have seen in a very long time. A little girl with a huge heart shaved her head for a good cause ….(please add your stumble)

Now Aviana has made it onto our local news.

(Watch the YouTube Video of Aviana on the news if you are reading this from a feed or email)

So What Now and Why You Should Care?:

Aviana still has a way to go before she reaches her goal of $10,000.00. She is through the initial 15 minutes of fame, has gained a bit of success and I would guess might be asking herself the following:

  • Shall I keep going?
  • What shall I do now?
  • Do I have the right resources?
  • What if I just gave up? Would it be good enough?
  • Am I the right person?
  • Did I take on too much?
  • What now?

I know that after I get through the initial stage of a large project a certain fatigue sets in. Sort of like an after Christmas let down. Everything was focused on one big date, one big goal , with lots of preparation, then. WAMP. What now?

Does that happen to you? Have you ever gotten in pretty deep into a project and wondered if it was worth finishing? Have you had to dig deep to recommit to yourself?

How can we all learn from this motivated young woman?

The Bottom Line:

Aviana will have ups and downs and roadblocks and new inspirations before finally reaching her goal. She’ll have to reach deep within again and again and keep focused on the large picture.

Her heart and vision must be her inspiration.

Isn’t that what each of us must have to reach our goals? Our own heart and vision will take us there – if we trust it.

Reach into your heart today. Are you committed to the highest vision for your life? Are you willing to do what it takes to reach your goals?

Aviana is. She has reached deep within and keeps collecting money.

What about you? Leave your comment below and don’t forget to donate over on the right.

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