Insignificant? Or your Divine Purpose?

Ever feel insignificant? I didn’t know how insignificant I felt until I assisted at The Shadow Process last weekend. Debbie Ford has led thousands of people into the depths of their ego to emerge with a shadow significant enough to prevent them from living their Divine Purpose. I found mine… As I assisted the participants in everything from handing them tissues to mirroring their dark shadow back to them, I realized in a moment of clarity that I am insignificant. Insignificant! Me! In this moment of clarity–and horror–I saw how, in an attempt to push away the painful feeling of being insignificant, I behave in ways that alleviate my insignificance. Pushing away my insignificance birthed my need to be needed. I would take care of everyone else and leave myself last. I would be the last one to fall at night and the first one to rise in meeting the needs of others. I could be the first one to deliver a tissue in my attempt to mask my insignificance. Birthed from pushing away my insignificance is martyrdom.

Don’t think that this is all bleak. I have embraced my insignificance and in the embracing of this painful shadow aspect of myself, I can be significant unto myself and take care of myself. In my insignificance, I claim my Divine Purpose: I am Changing the World!

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