Inner Storms Evolve You!

Waking up to the images of the destruction of Super Storm Sandy has inspired me to host a Community Call today at 2pm pacific.  You can sign up for the virtual gathering here.

Destruction and Loss Informs

I remember the Loma Prieta earthquake October 17, 1989 during a warm-up game with the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants .  I was living in northern California, 4 months pregnant with my first child.  The shock was so strong that I braced myself in a doorway – which is customary in earthquake country.  I knew this was closer, and bigger, than anything I had lived through.  We almost lost one of our homes.  Our 3-story Victorian home in San Jose had to be propped up with posts.  I didn’t know they made them that big.

Super Storm Sandy is bringing back feelings of helplessness.  In the past, “There’s nothing I can do!” was the prevailing thought.  Our Community Call today at 2pm pacific is the most powerful action I can take in this moment.  I’m also reminded of the impact of Inner-Storms!

What are your Inner-Storms?

In today’s world, inner storms are our economic crisis, job loss, relationship failure, and lack of meaning and purpose for our lives.  Certainly if we had a strong sense of meaning and purpose – independent  of what we do, then our inner-storms wouldn’t devastate us so.

Inner-Storms invite evolution!   They call you to look at your patterns, they give you opportunities to grow, and they have the power to show you what you’re made of.  If you face your inner-storms, and have the courage to look at the mess you’ve co-created, then you have bought yourself a ticket to the life you’ve only dreamed of.  After a loss, you have the choice to re-build.  Will you build on the same foundation, or will you build a more solid foundation taking into account all you’ve learned?

In what ways will you grow from your inner-storms?

How will you reinvent your life in the aftermath of a personal destruction? a loss of power, relationship, or incentive?

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