Important Baby Steps to Supporting Your Dream

bucket full of wisdom

Are your supporting yourself? Sometimes we sabatoge our own dreams without even realizing it. Don’t beat yourself if you aren’t where we want to be – sometimes you’ve just got to accept where you are, take a reality check and then move forward. Once the momentum gets going there won’t be any stopping you!

Today I’d like you to take 3 action steps that move you one little centimeter closer to your dream, and say no to 3 things that seem urgent, but not important.

Then, give yourself permission to move forward.

Want another perspective?

Here is a great article from Law of Attraction on taking massive steps when small ones don’t seem to be working.

Thats it for today. We are getting ready for our Divine Purpose Unveiled retreat this weekend, (1 spot left if you’d like to come!), and the Purpose Radio Show in the morning – call in if you can. CK will be dispensing wisdom in bucketfulls.

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