If You Don’t Know What You Want Now, You May Not Get What You Want Later.

Set Your Intention and Let GoKnowing what you want is elemental in getting what you want. Wishing is more like fantasy, but knowing can set you on course that makes manifesting your desires easy. Let me give you a formula to empower you to set your goals and go after what you want.


  • The first step is to get clear on what you want. Choose one area of your life and let loose. Exactly what do you want? Journal, meditate, and explore. Take about 20 minutes everyday for the next week and give yourself permission to want it all. What does that look like? Who is around you? How are you investing your time?

Think big and don’t hold back at all. At all!

Once you are clear on what you want, imagine how you would feel if you had what you want? Get very specific on how you would feel. At this point you may be able to see that it is the feeling that you want and not the actual circumstances. This is why many people end up dissatisfied after they get what they want, because it is the feeling they are chasing and not the actual thing. Do you get it?

  • Identify 20 actions you can take that would leave you with the feeling you want. It may not make any logical connection to the ‘thing’ you want, but try it! Choose one of your actions and implement it this week. This can be something very simple and easy for you to do…

Here is an example: I want to empower you to live your passion. If I empower you to live your passion, I will feel alive inside. What can I do today to feel alive inside? Take at least one minute at least 4 times per day to stop and listen to my body. Get quiet and feel my heart beat and sit for one minute. And listen. What do I notice as I take this action? Ideas flow more easily and I connect to more people throughout the day. I notice that the way I interact with the world changes. For me, I have more opportunities to empower others, but this doesn’t always connect directly back to what we want. In fact, many times it doesn’t.

What do you want? Please share what you want and what you discover from this process.

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