How to Create a Gold Medal Life TIP#3


In a relational world, you can’t do anything alone.  It’s impossible!  and yet, you might feel alone.  This is very common!  In my years of coaching, I’ve learned that the belief that you have to do it all alone impedes you from harnessing the co-creative power of the universe to manifest anything.  Your belief is followed by actions, like not asking for help or not investing in services that would ensure yours success.

Support is a vital ingredient to your success and it’s all around you, and all you have to do is look for it!  You will find different types of support in your personal and professional circles and they can be a great source for you.  However, they aren’t always the right support because they have a pre-determined experience of you based on familiarity.  Coaches are specifically trained to be objective and may be the most catalyzing support available.

Create a BIG support system!

Take a few minutes to identify your support system.

  • Who inspires you?
  • Who can you share your dreams with, without feeling judged?
  • Who you can ask to be your cheerleaders?
  • What classes would be supportive to your excellence?
  • What professional support do you need?

I want to be an integral part of your support system to help you manifest your Gold Medal Life and so I’ve created a 10-week coaching program to make it affordable and effective in helping you.  You can read more about your Gold Medal Life here.

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