How Much Longer Will You Resist Your Divine Purpose?


The pain in your heart must become stronger than your resistance.

We can live a long time in resistance before we are willing to break through the wall.  We have resistance down really good, don’t we?  We make excuses and we blame others and we put off our dreams for another time.  We pretend that we can live our Divine Purpose tomorrow–when the children are grown or when we have enough money to pursue our passions.  This is simply our own pig-headed resistance.  We know we are right, and so we lie to ourselves right to the end.

The longer we put off sharing our spiritual gifts, the more it hurts us.  Especially when we are conscious enough to know that there is more to life than we are currently experiencing.  When people make their way onto a phone call with me, it’s generally because they are ready to step into their next highest expression.  However, they might not call it that when we meet.

Most people bring a pain in their hearts that is palpable.

Often, they don’t know what they need.  Mostly it’s permission they are looking for.  Permission to go for it.  Permission to put themselves first.  Permission to follow their hearts.  I’ve had people tell me that they just needed someone to believe in them until they could believe in themselves.

There’s a calling deep in your soul!

Michelle and I know, without doubt, that there is something you are here to do.  It doesn’t need to be a big thing in the worlds eyes, refrain from judging its value and listen to the whisperings of your soul.  We promise that you will be guided toward your highest expression!  You will know you are ready to transform your life and share your spiritual gifts when the fear of sharing this most authentic part of who you are outweighs the pain of keeping your gifts from the world.  You simply won’t be able to contain your Divine Purpose any longer.

You will know when it’s time to stop listening to your fear and start listening to your faith.  You will know when it’s time to stop giving your power to your excuses and your small human self.  You will know, because you’ll be absolutely sure that I’m talking directly to you.

It’s okay to be scared!

Marianne Williamson said that we are afraid of our light–of how wonderful we are.  It’s true!  It’s so easy for us to embrace our limitations and our smallness.  It take no effort for us to give in to the belief that we are talentless, worthless, or hopeless.  It’s a no-brainer: we tell ourselves, that if we go for these dreams of ours we will fail.  We know that others will confirm our smallness.  We have evidence too!  When we share a little tidbit of our dream others laugh at us or talk us out of our dreams.  They tell us all the ways it couldn’t possibly work out for us.

Risk it all!

You have good reason to be afraid, but it’s not because you will fail.  It’s because you will become responsible for developing the gifts inside of you and then sharing them in ways you intuitively know are bigger than you.  You will need to be responsible to something, and you don’t even know what that is right now.  I’m still stepping into my highest expression.  I think, “How will I ever fill those shoes?”  Take the step and the shoes will appear!

How our business meetings inform us.

Michelle and I have several business meetings weekly.  We call them walk and talks.  Michelle might not know that’s what we call them, because I just made that up.  Today’s meeting moved us into our next highest expression.  Michelle did most of the talking, while I took mental notes.  We’ve been playing small.  We’ve avoided saying that your Divine Purpose is bigger than your Life Purpose, but it is!  Your Divine Purpose is your spiritual calling for this lifetime.  It will behoove you to explore and investigate and contemplate.  It will be in your highest best interest to let go of your resistance and step into your Divine calling.  It will cause you less pain to discover why you are here (and then follow your heart) than it will to live a life of obligation and duty.  You are holding yourself back for a reason, but it doesn’t serve you–no matter how valid your reason.

A birthing!

If you resonate with what you’ve read so far, then you will be happy to know that we’ll be taking this conversation deeper. Michelle and I will be unveiling a program in the next couple weeks that will help you embrace your spiritual gifts and step into living your Life Purpose with passion.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to birth your spiritual gifts into the world?  Are you ready to share your authentic self?  I know you’re scared, that’s not what I asked.  If you’re ready, we can work through your limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors.  Just answer, Yes or No.  Are you ready?

Ask yourself…

Start by sitting in silence for a few minutes and ask your Divine Self what you’re here to do.  Notice what comes up for you as you ask.  Notice if there is resistance.  Resistance can show up as fear or excuses or minimizing.  You might hear a voice that says, “I can’t do that because….”   If the resistance comes up, simply direct your mind back to the question, “What am I here to do?”

It’s okay to not know.  It’s okay to be confused.  We can help you gain the clarity–that’s why we’re here!  If you know I’m talking to you, what would it take for you to send me an e-mail or write in the comment box?  If you know it’s time, even though you’re scared, what action do you need to take this week to get even more clear?

I’m here for you if you are willing to take the risk!

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