How is Your Divine Purpose Manifest?

phone in for your divine purpose

Are you living the life you want? Does your heart jump for joy when it is time to get out of bed? Or, like me, have you had days when you’ve just wanted to pull the covers over and ask, “What’s the point today?”

Maybe you are already full of life and passion and purpose but want to access it a bit deeper within yourself?

I also have new things I want to accomplish. What about you? 2008 is right around the corner. Are you ready to manifest your life’s goals and dreams using your spiritual gifts?

Come explore the possibilities tonight on a tele-class with us, Michelle Vandepas and CK Reyes.


  • Because we all have deeper levels of passion and purpose inside of us.
  • Because it is our passion to help us all live in a more joyous place
  • Because we believe in the process
  • Because we believe in you

Need more answers like Who What When Where Why and How?

Register now for the phone call and find out!

Now sure if this is for you? Get cozy, bring a Chai or glass of wine and listen in! No obligations, no stress, no high pressure sales. After all, when I’m on a call with you, I’m living my Divine Purpose.

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