How Giving Up Myths, Lies, and Excuses Empowers Me!

By now you have probably heard about our report 7 Myths, 8 Lies, and 35 Excuses People Use For Not Living Their Purpose. I have had a slew of dis-empowering myths, lies, and excuses causing me to question my every move. I’ve found that as I gave them up I became empowered to live the life I live today. I want to share a little of my personal journey in working with myths, lies, and excuses.


In the report we shared that myths are unproved stories that we give our power to. One story that I grew up with was this:

…because my mother left me at a young age without saying goodbye, I am insignificant. She felt no connection to me and was better off without me in her life…

I gave a lot of power to this story I told myself. Most of it on an unconscious level. As soon as I was able to identify the story I could create a story around my mother leaving that empowered me. We are making it all up anyway. Why would I want to listen to that old and limiting story? Here is my new story:

On a soul level my mother was supporting me to develop my most valuable qualities of compassion and non-judgment.

I feel good about this new meaning I have to a difficult event in my life. As a result I was able to let go of the pain and grief surrounding the event and invite in a deep appreciation for my mother.


I have told myself many lies over the 4 decades I’ve been on this earth. Here are some:

  • I am unworthy to have what I want
  • I can’t take care of myself

These lies left me feeling powerless. Because of these lies I played small for much of my life. I never felt capable of caring for myself and always needed to feel secure. Since I never did I didn’t take many risks. I remember staying glued to the back porch because I was too afraid to venture into the dark. As I replaced these lies with truths, I started to take risks and discover what I wanted for my life. Today I feel empowered to move forward into the unknown.


I have found that excuses are extremely limiting. They almost guarantee that we won’t have anything we want in life. Here are some of my favorite…

  1. I don’t know how
  2. I will fail
  3. I will say the wrong thing

The last one, “I will say the wrong thing,” has kept my mouth shut for many years. I am saying a lot these days, and guess what? I do say the wrong thing. All the time. Not everyone likes what I have to say. Some people hate what I have to say. But I had to make a decision. Was I going to live my life from the fear of saying the wrong thing (maybe even hurting someone or making someone mad), or was I going to allow for my fullest expression. It hurt too much to keep quiet. Today, I speak freely. Sometimes my throat still tightens up, but I will never allow it to silence me again. I have too much to say and speaking is a big part of how I live my purpose.

How can you empower yourself to live a fuller expression?

When you uncover the myths, lies, and excuses that have been stifling your creative expression, you will be well on your way. If you can’t do it on your own, then get the support you need. I needed a lot of support as I made changes in my internal world. I still hire a coach to support my next highest expression to emerge.

At the beginning of the report, we shared that intuition is a direct perception of truth independent of reasoning; intuition is knowledge that is untaught. In other words, intuition is what you know. Not what you have been told. Intuition is what nags at you internally when you know you need to take an action. Intuition is what tells you that you have just heard a truth from an outside source.

The most powerful support I received was in trusting my own intuition

All of the work I do includes an element of empowering others to first find, and then trust their inner voice. As you trust more you will find that your spiritual gifts start to emerge. The report and subsequent trainings, classes, and workshops are no different. Michelle and I both intend to provide the support that allows for you to connect with your inner wisdom and then take the actions that are generated by your intuitive heart.

If for some reason you haven’t read the report you can download it here.

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