How Are Feng Shui, Intuition, and Life Purpose Connected?

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Do you know your Life Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is the most authentic expression of your being evoking in you the yearning to deliver a much bigger contribution to the world.  This yearning is the calling of your soul!

Do you know your Life Purpose or are you pained by not knowing?  Do you feel your Life Purpose is fully integrated into your being or somewhat elusive?  Have you had tastes of Life Purpose… perhaps showing up for periods of time and then slipping away with a role that you played when that role was lost?  You’re not alone!

The discovery of your life purpose is fueled by your intuition.

The entry into your Unveiling Process begins with your yearning.  Once you have a desire, you will need to take the steps to connect with your own wisdom and deep knowing so that you can be guided on your path.  This requires a surrendering of sorts… a willingness on your part to go inside and connect with your soul.

No matter where you are on your path, the foundational piece will be to continually return to your core.  It is from the deep connection to your own wisdom that will fuel your journey.  You will be guided step-by-step by a power that exists inside you.  This is the part of you that knows why you are here and what your contribution is.  Start listening to it and notice the doors open.  The more you invest time and energy in your connection, the more will be revealed to you.  It will become a path in which you only need to know the next step you need to take.  Sometimes that next step will be asking for help, but when you are deeply listening you will know!  It’s beautiful!

Feng Shui Your Life Purpose!

When talking with Linda Binns last week, it became clear that your environment has an impact on your energy field and your ability to connect with your Life Purpose.  You can listen to the Feng Shui Your Life Purpose call and pick up her tips on opening up the energy to your Life Purpose.  She gave a couple specific tips that you may find useful.

Listen to the Feng Shui Your Life Purpose call and let us know what you get out of it!

How are Feng Shui, Intuition, and Life Purpose Connected?

  • Your Life Purpose is your most authentic expression of your soul.
  • Your Intuition will guide you to your Life Purpose
  • Feng Shui can open up the energy in your home so that you can experience the deep intuition you need.

Live a more authentic life giving your gift….

  • Learn how to prepare yourself to receive your own deep wisdom.
  • Learn a 5-step process to integrate the workings of your mind and heart.
  • Understand the difference between logic and intuition and how we need them both.
  • Identify where your answers originate and consciously choose what to lead with.
  • Discover how the mind is a tool for you to get what you want, so you no longer let it get in the way.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions of yourself and begin to surrender to your own inner truth.

In addition to the 4-week Teleclass you will also receive the following bonus items from Linda:

  • Analysis of your home’s floor plan with specific recommendations related to helping you find and live your life purpose
  • Two month’s membership in the Feng Shui Success MasterMind program (see
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