Holistic Marketing 101

Did you guys know that I wrote a book all about Holistic Marketing 101?  The book focuses on Marketing for holistic pracitioners and gives step by step ideas for getting a small business or practice moving into postive cash flow!

The e-book, Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner is available on clickbank – $12.95

or you can buy it from me using paypal and I’ll send the hardback book via mail!

$14.95 +2.00 shipping

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A review of the book:

In Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner, Michelle stresses the importance of marketing your business daily. This sounds intimidating, but Michelle explains how to sell your business services in a Natural Way. She follows many of the same principles that you use to make friends, and most importantly: How to Take Care of Your Friends!

Michelle makes marketing fun, easy and inspirational- after reading her book, you will not only know how to market your business, you’ll be motivated to do it!

Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner gives solid, practical advice on how to get and keep new clients.


  • You get the Golden Rules of Advertising which should be memorized by anyone selling anything at anytime.

  • You learn how to price your services to Guarantee More Business

  • You get simple, easy instructions on how to do everything from making products to promoting your business to what to say to clients.

  • Michelle’s book helps you make sure your clients come back for more of what you give them!

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