Here’s A Quick Way To Take Back Your Light Projections.

You are the light

I promised that I would talk about light projections. In sharing your spiritual gifts and living your life purpose, it is just important as the dark projections. Any time you look outside of yourself in comparison, you are projecting. Any time you think that someone else has a quality you wish you had, you are projecting.

How can this help you live your purpose? When you take back your light projections, you have access to the qualities that will propel you toward the life you desire. This isn’t always easy.

I remember when I met my business partner, Michelle, in the parking lot of Sammy’s Organics grocery store. We exchanged cards and agreed to meet. I did some work for her, and she did some work for me and then we just naturally, organically, fell into this wonderful connection that was filled with inspiration and empowerment for both of us.

We didn’t know each other.

If we had known each other, I don’t think it would have been so organic because I am sure I would have been projecting my light all over her. Michelle has owned multi-million dollar businesses in the past, she has developed products and manufactured them. She has been the president of more than one company. She is a confident and powerful woman who knows everyone. She is a top notch speaker and facilitator. She is compassionate and empathic. She is easy-going and humble. (She would never tell you these things about herself, you will have to find them out yourself like I did.) Michelle possesses many of the qualities that I want too!

In taking back my light projections, I need to rephrase my last statement: Michelle possesses many of the qualities that I have also. What is it that compels us to minimize our brilliance? For sure we have been taught (at least in the United States) to downplay everything good about us, because G-d forbid if we are conceited. What will people think?

That’s it. Right there. The thought, What will people think? compels us to play small. There is a lot that I want to say in support of you living and playing full out, but for today the emphasis I want to make is that you stop worrying about what everyone else will think and just live your freakin’ life. Is that straight forward enough for you?

If you are worrying if someone will like you or not, I’m telling you that changing your behavior won’t change anything. They don’t like you anyway! Just live you life and the people who like you will like you because you are you. Like the way I like Michelle because of who she is. It isn’t about anything she has done or accomplished, because I didn’t know anything about her.

Do you think that’s weird? Back to light projections…

In my coaching business, I guide people back to themselves and a lot of the work is making a space for people to like themselves. One tool I would like to share with you can help you retrieve some of your light.

Name three people that you admire. List the reasons you admire these people. Choose one of the qualities you would like to develop over the next few months. Take a moment to get quiet (at least a couple minutes), and then ask yourself, “What can I do to develop this quality?” Stay in the quiet and listen for the response. The most important step is to TRUST the answer because it might not make sense. Schedule it in. Here’s an example:

I admire Oprah Winfry. She is confident and speaks her mind. Over the next few months, I would like to develop the quality of speaking my mind. The answer I received in my quietude was to start an Artist’s Way group and to complete the entire program.

As I engage in this process, you may find me getting bolder in speaking my mind. Try the exercise and make a commitment to take back one light projection. Just one. Baby steps are good. I will do it with you!

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