Here’s A Quick Way To Distinguish Being In Your Story vs. Sharing Your Story

The JourneyI have recently begun to tell my story. I began this process by posting my ‘beginnings’ and after the correspondence I received, I had an epiphany: I can tell my story and share with you what happened in my life and it can be very interesting. Or I can allow ‘my story’ to live through me and never commit to my life. My life!It occurs to me, right now…in this moment… that we need a distinction.

Before the commitment, we are being our story. After our commitment, we share our journey. Before the commitment we are more likely to be wrapped up in the excuses and the blame of why we can’t (fill in the blank). After the commitment, we use the wisdom we gathered to take the next powerful step toward our vision–and we don’t take ‘no’ for an answer (even from ourselves).

Being in my ‘story’ gives breeding ground to all the reasons why I’m not living my life the way I want to…why I’m not living my life purpose…why I’m not happy…. In being ‘in my story’ it is easy to blame others for my circumstances… it is easy to give my power away to the past by making it true today…

Telling my story is sharing the journey of how I came to take responsibility for my life and the creation of what it looks like today.

From that perspective, I personally love hearing the ‘journey’ of how we get to where we are today–living a life of passion, and I am amazed at some of the adversity people have lived through before they became committed to their dreams. And to be honest the adversity may not disappear after the commitment but the adversity is no longer an excuse to put off living your life today.

Sharing my story with you is sharing my journey. It is my personal journey that only I lived. In sharing my journey with you, my intention is that you recognize the self-sabotaging patterns I had to let go of and that, as a result, you recognize and let go of some behavior that has limited you.

Are you willing to notice the patterns, identify the projections, and call yourself on them? Are you willing to have a transformation for yourself just from sharing in my journey? Are you ready? I am!

From the story I shared a few weeks ago, what patterns do you notice? Where might I have limited myself through my beliefs? What perspectives might I have developed?

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