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The Missing Piece

I have been participating in a sourced leadership training that is supporting me to step into a higher expression of myself. As a result, I’ve been contemplating how I fit into the whole much more intensely than ever before. What is my contribution? Is it significant? Do I have to do it all alone? How am I supported to live my life’s purpose? Does source even need my contribution?

Walking home from The Mate’ Factor (my hangout where I do most of my writing), I crossed the street and noticed a single puzzle piece lying on the ground. Realizing immediately an invitation from source, I picked up the puzzle piece and had a conversation. “Thank You,” I said.

While I may not always know what my piece is, or how it will be expressed in the world, I know my piece is significant. We all have a contribution to make to the whole. All of us. When I withhold my piece, I withhold it from the world. My piece is inside me and just needs a little coaxing to manifest. Can you imagine if we all contributed to the whole from wholeness? Wow! What a significant impact we could have on the image we project.

Have you withheld your piece? Why?

From what I have seen, we withhold ourselves because we were taught to play small. Some of the messages we have received are:

Don’t be too big. You can’t do that. Who do you think you are, anyway? If you do that, you might make so-and-so feel bad. You don’t have enough talent…money…time. You’re stupid.

What messages did you receive to convince you to withhold your gifts and talents and yourself from the world? Did you build resentments toward the world? What would you need to know in order to give yourself freely once again? Like when you were a child and gave yourself freely to the wind flying a kite. Or to your laughter. Can you remember a time when you were so free with yourself? What happened? What hurt you so much that you chose to withhold the significant piece you have to offer? If you are living your life’s purpose, how could you share even more of yourself?

I have been imagining what it would take for us to realize our wholeness and to contribute our gifts more freely. More consciously. I keep coming back to the single puzzle piece lying on the ground. How can you realize your wholeness?

  1. First of all, really get that you are a part of the whole. When you are living your life’s purpose, you are contributing to the big picture. Without your piece, the puzzle will never be complete. Interlock your piece.
  2. Ask yourself, “How does my piece fit with yours?” The truth is we aren’t meant to do it alone. The picture is not complete until all of us are adding our contribution. Where does my piece interlock with yours?
  3. Bask in gratitude and watch as you begin to connect on deeper levels and contribute in meaningful ways.
  4. Reach out to others and explore the connections you might have in living your purpose–you don’t have to know what it is before you start.

Please share with me what your contribution is. How are you living your soul’s purpose? Where are you holding back? What would you need to know to live your purpose more fully? What pieces do you need to call forward to support your vision?

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