Here Are Some Quick Tricks To Get Back On Track.

Follow Your DreamsFor the entire month of January, we have been talking about foundation. The keys to a successful foundation. The steps to get create a solid foundation. So let’s say you have your foundation in place. You know what you want. You have put yourself in first. You are using your calendar to structure your progress. You are moving along fine and then, wham! What happened? Maybe you are feeling depressed. Maybe you find yourself confused about where you are at. Maybe you are doubting the direction you are headed, you ask yourself, “Is this right?”

How do you know when you have been taken off your path? Stalled? Stuck? Do you know? How long does it go on? A week? A year? Have you been derailed your entire life? Or maybe many times in your life? Or just when the energy gets going good and then you just stop?

It doesn’t matter why or how or when or anything. It doesn’t matter. That is your story. Let it go for now. Just for today, and try something new. Here is a quick way to get back on track:

Stop judging yourself for where you have been and start fresh (everyday).

I know you are going to want to judge yourself. I know you are going to try and live in the past. Resist the temptation.

Get in touch with your dream. Feel it move through your body. This is not the time to entertain your objections.

Once you have given yourself permission to feel your passion, ask yourself some powerful questions to focus your direction. Trust that your intuition will speak and that you know the answers. Here are some examples, but use ones that resonate with you:

1. What do I need to know (or do) to move toward my best life?

2. What would I need to give up (a behavior, belief, judgment) to move confidently on my path?

3. Is this what I really want?

4. Who (or what) am I blaming for this circumstance?

I notice that I am off track when I busily walk around in circles, but get nothing done. And when I am doing, doing, doing, but not moving, moving, moving. I notice that I am off track when sarcasm creeps in or when I start complaining or blaming others that I am not where I want to be.

I keep a priority list, and when I get off track I consult my list instead of my emotions. Sometimes I need a down day, so I take it. Sometime I need a good cry, so I cry. Sometimes I need to have a tantrum and complain, so I give myself a pity party. I get the support I need to keep me on track.

Please share how you know when you are off track? What puts you back on track?

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